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ISP Review Poll (Survey) Summary
By: MarkJ - 20 August, 2003 (9:04 AM)

In a recent survey (poll) we asked our readers 'how much longer will modem dialup last (UK)?'. 1,131 of you chose to vote, with 52% anticipating dialup use for a further 5 years.

23% felt that dialup was clearly more resilient than that and expected it to stay around for 10 years. 15% even felt that 15+ years wasn't too far fetched for a dated technology.

Surprisingly 9% were expecting it to be gone within a single year, although this is highly unlikely. Experience from other countries has shown that dialup could remain a force for another 5 years or so. However, the technology itself may well remain 'used' for a full decade.

Typically last months survey has now been replaced with a new one: What aspect of your ISP are you MOST happy with?

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