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Bulldogs 2Mbps Service Running Slow?
By: MarkJ - 16 August, 2003 (9:14 AM)

ADSLGuide has reported that Bulldog's Primetime 2000 (2mbps) broadband ADSL (non-BT Datastream) based product has only been able to achieve a 'top' speed of 1.7Mbps. Thankfully Bulldog has responded to the item with the following:

Bulldog delivers performance and service that exceed customer expectations and market standards, delivering superior value for money. ADSLGuide's own service provider comparator metrics show that Bulldog has consistently been among the highest rated SPs for service, speed and customer satisfaction for each of the last six months.

You rightfully comment that some of our users are failing to get a full 2Mbps, with some receiving 13% below the peak. With this performance, we compare very favourably with the best service providers on the 512kbps speed test results hosted on your own website. The best performer of any SP in July scored 11% below its peak rate of 512kbps with the 10th best SP 16% below the user's expected peak [Eclipse scored 457kbps on the 512kbps speed test, with Demon at 433kbps].

The ISP goes on the list it's previous and forthcoming capacity upgrades, but also makes a very valid point about the reality of ADSL 'speed'.

Unfortunately almost every Internet access technology, from dialup modems to broadband satellite, will have a similar problem and to varying different extremes. It's hard to judge Bulldog's quality without giving fair comparison against other 2Mbps offers.

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