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NTLs Unmetered Dialler Dials 0845?
By: MarkJ - 05 November, 2003 (9:11 AM)

UPDATE: Those concerned should check the 'comments' from some of our readers. One of our readers has reported a concern HERE that NTL Freedoms (unmetered dialup) new dialler software 'may' connect to a local call rate (0845) number, without telling you, if the other two fail.

Tonight it took more than 10 attempts to get through on 0808... I'd given up waiting for posts of any alternative number & found the alternatives myself located in file C:\Program Files\ntldial\DIALPLAN.DTA which can be opened in Notepad.

My DIALPLAN.DTA lists the 0808 990 9877 first
then 1263 0800 519 0600
and 1263 0845 4550520 last.

##### I guess this means if neither of the freecall numbers connect then you end up PAYING 0845 (local call) rates, WITHOUT WARNING ? #####

We've yet to see proof of this occurring via a phone bill. Readers have pointed out that so long as the number is prefixed (1263) then it should still remain free.

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