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CA Calls For Broadband Definition
By: MarkJ - 12 November, 2003 (2:23 PM)

The Consumers' Association (CA) called on delegates at yesterday’s broadband inquiry to agree a clear definition for broadband:

Giving evidence yesterday to the Trade and Industry Select Committee inquiry into broadband, the CA said the term "broadband" is used to define a range of services with speeds of 128k upwards. But the watchdog argued that this only served to confuse consumers who found it difficult to compare different products and providers.

And it criticised Oftel, for the telecom regulator's indecision over a definition, saying that this "does not contribute to either regulatory clarity or public understanding of the term".

Instead, it called for a "meaningful" definition of broadband to be adopted by the industry that would help consumers make informed choices.

Just over 60% of our own readers agree that anything on or above 512Kbps should be considered broadband. More @ The Register.

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