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The following page displays a list of all the broadband ISP reviews posted by John Davis (display name) to this system. Reviews can be edited by both the author and admins.

ISP Reviews by John Davis

 CIX (Broadband Fixed Line)
Posted: 12th Jul, 2014    By: John Davis
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Having been with ICUK for several years we’ve experienced first-hand the gradual degradation of the quality of service and network performance of this ISP. Once a shining example of a British broadband provider who worked hard to stand out from the big players by providing a premium but reliable internet service, ICUK is now nothing more than an overpriced minnow.

The Service

Firstly, ICUK are a BT reseller. As a result, they cannot (or at least have been incompetent in doing so) quickly and responsively regulate the amount of bandwidth available to their subscription base. As the slow speeds in certain areas and cripplingly frequent packet loss demonstrate, the small company don’t possess enough clout to force BT’s hand to increase their bandwidth when they need it most. Prime examples of this include major sporting events. During the Olympics, for example, we could barely load webpages for a fortnight whilst ICUK support staff complained that BT hadn’t yet processed their request for more bandwidth (the request being two weeks outstanding by that stage). This leaves you and I, the paying customers, with high pings, packet loss exceeding 10% and sore fingers from typing so many frustrated emails to their support staff over the weekend.

Telephone support is only available on weekdays and ends at 17:30. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that most issues occur outside of working hours when the majority of people are actually using their internet after coming home from a hard day’s work. Even on ICUK’s more expensive ‘business’ package (as we were) the worst times for congestion were evenings and weekends; not standard ‘business’ hours – don’t fall for this scam like we did.

When you find you can only download at 150kb/s (likely due to network congestion from the aforementioned lack of bandwidth for the entire ICUK network or as a result of traffic shaping implemented to compensate the lack of bandwidth), your only means of resolution is to fire off an email to their support team which will go unanswered until the following day. By this time, tests and assessments of your service will be performed outside of peak hours and an email will follow asking for you to provide more information as they ‘cannot see a problem from their end’.

The Support

That last line will probably be one of the most common phrases you will hear from ICUK. During the Olympics fiasco mentioned above (one of many, I must add) ICUK went to the extent of sending an engineer to our house to check the BT lines (all which were of perfect working order) before finally letting slip that it might have been their chronically oversubscribed infrastructure that was causing the problem. This was quietly admitted to us in what was probably the 50th email exchange between us and four different members of their support team (most of whom are very friendly and genuinely seem to want to help, it must be said). After that point we were implicitly invited to leave ICUK by their staff and it was implied that the problems we suffered as a result of the oversubscription would be a regular occurrence. This was indeed the case.

Our household have since changed to a similar small UK ISP and could not be happier with the quality of service we’ve received. Given the countless hours of frustration and time we’ve wasted with ICUK I can only make one good faith recommendation to other consumers: AVOID.

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