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totzo's Review for Green ISP

 Green ISP (Broadband Fixed Line)
Posted: 04th Feb, 2009    By: totzo
Title: great isp
I've been with Green isp for over 2 years now and have tried to find something better quite a few times. As far as I've seen there isn't a better value deal out there. Down time is extremely rare and last time it happened they rang up to appologise out of office hours as I'd rung up to see what was wrong!

They are a small company with servers run on renewable enegy. It isn't the cheapest out there but bang-for-buck wise, it's hard o beat.

I work from home and have the internet on most of the day- probably classed as a heavy user. I get 8mb down and 450kb up all the time, day or night. no throttling or "fair" usage nonsense, just how a broadband package should be!

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