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By: MarkJ - 8 September, 2009 (1:03 PM)
Popular ISP Zen Internet has quietly joined the UK Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), a self-regulation body that works with UK broadband providers to block websites containing child abuse or serious racial hatred content. The move came as a surprise because Zen has historically aired "concerns over [THE IWFs] effectiveness".

The Broadband Genie comparison site, which broke the news, notes that Zen's PR department was unwilling to discuss their u-turn. Still, perhaps it was to be expected. Monday's news about government plans to fine and criminalise ISPs that failed to take action against such content might have changed a few minds (here).

UPDATE @ 4:54pm:

Industry sources inform us that Zen's joining of the IWF has been part of an ongoing project rather than a sudden move in response to recent government threats aimed towards the industry. ISPreview understands that Zen may not yet have fully committed to the IWF's block list but is working with the group to improve its methods.

Rumours suggest that neither the ISPA nor IWF may be entirely happy with the governments more aggressive stance as it risks undermining all the positive efforts made so far towards tackling related abuse content.
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