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Top 9 UK Fastest Broadband ISPs by Speed for March 2012

Thursday, April 5th, 2012 (1:29 am) by Mark Jackson (Score 22,497)
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The latest anecdotal monthly consumer broadband ISP speed testing results from Broadband.co.uk, which covers the month of March 2012, reveals that the average UK internet download speed has shot up from 8.210Mbps (Megabits per second) during January 2012 to 10.731Mbps now.

The average broadband upload speed has also increased from 1.313Mbps in January 2012 to 1.482Mbps now. Meanwhile it will come as little surprise that Virgin Media is still the fastest overall broadband ISP in the UK, achieving impressive download speeds of 19.633Mbps (up from 15.331Mbps in Jan 2012) and uploads of 2.476Mbps (virtually unchanged from 2.463Mbps in Jan 2012).

As usual only BT and Eclipse Internet, which remain dominated by their slower ADSL2+ services, can even get close and that’s largely thanks to the growing adoption of their superfast broadband (FTTC etc.) packages (many of the other ISPs still lack superfast options).

Top 9 UK ISPs – Download Speed (Megabits/sec)
1. Virgin Media – 19.633Mbps
2. Eclipse Internet – 11.512Mbps
3. BT – 9.466Mbps
4. PlusNet – 7.269Mbps
5. O2 ( Be Broadband ) – 6.075Mbps
6. Sky Broadband – 5.766Mbps
7. AOL – 5.733Mbps
8. TalkTalk (Tiscali) – 5.282Mbps
9. Orange UK – 4.101Mbps

Top 9 UK ISPs – Upload Speed (Megabits/sec)
1. Virgin Media – 2.476Mbps
2. Eclipse Internet – 1.774Mbps
3. BT – 1.753Mbps
4. PlusNet – 0.897Mbps
5. O2 ( Be Broadband ) – 0.875Mbps
6. AOL – 0.770Mbps
7. Sky Broadband – 0.650Mbps
8. TalkTalk (Tiscali) – 0.594Mbps
9. Orange UK – 0.566Mbps

Typically readers should take anecdotal data like this with a huge pinch of salt. Every home is different and performance can be affected by all sorts of things, most of which are beyond an ISPs control. We do not consider the above to be a reliable barometer for individual users but it can help to reflect overall market changes.

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5 Responses
  1. Babis

    VIrgin…virgin…virgin all the way

  2. DTMark

    What’s the UK average without factoring in cable and FTTC?

    Take out the cable figures, and it’s just truly laughable. Still no upstream anywhere to speak of, and the best non cable performer manages the same as my 3G modem can on the downstream with the right setup, and is about the same on the upstream. I’m forgetting latency of course, but it really ought not to be the case that we have such laughably bad fixed line networks outside cable areas that 3G is even comparable, let alone faster.

  3. This list is wrong! Hyperoptic is the fastest ISP! It does 1GB for £50 a month! That’s 10x more than Virgin Media’s 100MB

  4. Louis

    Tarek > LOL nice trying to promote Hyperoptic.. But please do tell me which area of the UK it services. Because I doubt its in many areas to even be a large enough isp to be included.

  5. Gilles

    I am surprise that with the amount of peoples in the UK, and its concentration, would have made more competition and fatser services. The slowest speed for Internet for home here in the range of 8 to 15 Mbps. usually cost about 30$ Can./month, including ip phone, call id, etc. etc… The faster provider (for home) can go up to 200 Mbps but can cost up to 200$/months…It can download a full movie in like 5 minutes…

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