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Virgin Media UK to Deploy R37 SuperHub Update to Fix Corrupt Downloads

Posted Thursday, October 25th, 2012 (7:53 am) by Mark Jackson (Score 12,222)
virgin media uk superhub

Cable ISP Virgin Media UK has begun preparing the final R37 Firmware update for their traumatised SuperHub (NetGear) wireless router / modem kit, which claims to fix the notorious corrupt downloads bug on their superfast broadband service. Not to mention a few problems with wifi and unexpected rebooting.

The SuperHub, which is now roughly two years old, seems to have experienced no end of problems since its introduction. Slow speeds, unstable wifi connectivity, random rebooting and most recently the corrupted downloads bug (seemingly introduced with the R36 firmware in July 2012) have all plagued the device at one time or another.

Thankfully Virgin Media, which said last month that it had been “working at the highest priority to develop new firmware to help address the issues reported by some of our customers“, now claims to have received “positive feedback” about NetGear’s latest R36T13 test update, which alongside a few extra fixes looks set to become the official “R37 production build firmware“.

The R37 Update Includes 4 Key Changes from R36T13

• Fix for corrupt downloads issue (R36T2 turned off NAT Acceleration, with this fix NAT Acceleration is switched on).
• Fix to resolve interoperability issues with some VOIP SIP phones.
• Fix for short disconnections and wireless connectivity issues for some mobile devices which require a Super Hub reboot to resolve.
• Improvements related to issues that cause the Super Hub to reboot.

The ISP and NetGear are now said to be “undertaking full scale testing of the new R37 build“, which will take several weeks before the official roll-out can begin. But anybody who registered to help Virgin trial R37 will start to receive the new firmware on Friday 26th October 2012. The trial scheme itself will remain open to new applicants until the same date (signup here).

Afflicted customers will no doubt be looking forward to a future where they don’t have to switch the SuperHub into modem-only mode and use a different router in order to get a reliable service.

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7 Responses
  1. Kevin

    Isn’t this just a standard Netgear product? Release a product which hasn’t been thoroughly tested, after customer complaints, act on the complaints and release a new firmware and in some cases a revision of the hardware, in order to resolve the problems!?

  2. Phil

    Crap superhub. Still rubbish.

  3. hmm

    you cant polish a turd

  4. Paul

    As a customer of VM and tested the beta firmware, I can safely say that the R37 has not fixed all the problems. It has only fixed the corrupt downloads ( which was caused by a VM firmware update anyway) and VOiP. The disconnections and poor range are still on going, and the best fix for the SH is a large hammer.

  5. Lee

    The hub is complete rubbish. I’ve finally gotten around to resetting the hub after the firmware was updated, only to find exactly the same problems with constant reboots giving me headaches, and then having to set it back to modem mode so I can actually get connected to the internet.

    The whole point of getting the superhub was to have one unit to do all, not knowing at the time how fracking useless the hub is, and to give me gigabit connections, wireless and ethernet connection all in one and without having to buy a new Router to do all this and so I don’t have to keep having two seperately powered devices, hogging shelf space.

    I’m now back on modem mode, and seriously considering going over to BT. My dad has had there Infinity superhub and it does all it needs to and so much better than Virgin’s so called Superhub.

    The worst bit, over our friends for New Years party and they have the Superhub with no problems at all. I had Netgear Routers in the past, and vowed never to go back to them when one of there Routers was unbelievable trash and got my Money Back. Trouble with Virgin, you are stuffed with there choice of Router. Maybe Virgin should open up to the choice of letting other suppliers do it for them.

  6. CoffinDodger

    Yeah just retried this myself after an annual check to see whether there might be a fix. No change in the networking problems whatsoever. It’s back to my very old yet trusty WRT54G again.

    Oh and while testing we’ve also discovered that both mine and my neighbour’s microwave ovens completely disrupt the superhub signal such that no device can connect – even when 15 meters away through several walls.

    With the WRT54G, I actually moved the microwave right next to the router – still no loss of connectivity.

    Total rubbish.

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