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BT Offer 6 Months Free Broadband with Unlimited Evening and Weekend Calls

Saturday, April 28th, 2012 (8:03 am) - Score 3,751
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UK ISP BT claims to have launched their “best ever broad band deal” by offering new customers 6 months of free broadband (up to 16Mbps speeds, 10GB usage, unlimited WiFi and free HomeHub router) with unlimited evening and weekend calls (£13 a month thereafter). An unlimited up to 76Mbps BTInfinity superfast broadband deal for £20 is also promoted.

The primary offer package also includes a free connection (normally £130) for new phone lines but customers will still need to pay line rental from £10.75 a month. Just take note that there’s a lengthy 18 month contract under the hood.

Separately BT are also offering their up to 76Mbps superfast broadband BTInfinity service with unlimited usage, free Evening and Weekend calls, advanced security, free connection and unlimited wifi etc. at just £20 for the first 3 months (£26 thereafter).

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  1. What happens when customers have used up their 10GB allowance? Do they have to pay more or do they just get slowed down? My kids can use that amount in a weekend.

  2. Also, does the 10 GB allowance last for the entire 18 months or can you upgrade, and if so at what cost?

  3. Avatar Tom

    You can upgrade mid-contract if you start a new minimum term (18 months) from that date.
    If you go over your allowance, I believe it is free for the first month and then charged:
    What are the additional usage charges?
    Additional usage will be charged in units of five gigabytes (GB), at £5 per five GB
    source. http://bt.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/32957/c/346

    Tom – http://www.mouselike.org

  4. Avatar Phil

    BT offer is rubbish 10GB (No ones want that usage allowance these day on ADSL2+) BT is simple tight git!

  5. Sadly the big guys are a long way into a land grab and put us smaller “quality” providers out of business in doing so 🙁

    What we’re seeing is that most people only care about the headline price, half of them don’t realise how much bandwidth they are going to need, and BT (and TalkTalk, and Sky, etc) are all trying to capitalise on this. Increase your allowance and you’re tied in for another 18 months. You can’t exit early because the plan wasn’t right so you’re going to be stuck.

    They don’t care so much about the quality, just that they can get as many people tied into 18 month (or longer!) contracts and then provide them with some semblance of service, “warts and all”.

    The small guys (like us at fido.net) are left to pick up the pieces and try to show that not everyone in the industry is out for the fast buck, but instead we care more about the quality of service we offer and the customer experience as a whole.

    The problem is, you can’t offer a quality service for a discount. Something has to give, so those people who believe 10GB is way more than they’ll ever need (until they start streaming Netflix, Love Film, or similar) or even just try to watch the Olympics online when they will discover slow, jerky networks, high latency and no-one in customer services who is able to do anything other than sell them an upgrade and a new 18 month contract…

    Look at Sky, they’ve had a Broadband network issue for nearly 2 months now. Be/O2 are going the same way … eventually end users will learn that you have to pay for a quality service .. hopefully us small independents will still be around when they do! 🙂

    Jon Morby
    Managing Director
    FidoNet – the internet made simple!

    • Avatar FibreFred

      It’s obviously a package aimed at low usage users, nothing new here. They also have a package for heavy usage users again like most other ISPs . Don’t see what the problem is ?

    • Avatar FibreFred

      Jon how many times do you mention 18 month contracts yet that is all you also offer ? Looking at your own prices , usage allowance and activation fees I can see why you have trouble taking customers from the big players

    • Avatar brain_stew

      Says the guy trying to sell an FTTC connection with a 10GB usage allowance and a £120 connection charge, yet hides the fact that you’re signing up to an 18 month contract, the prices are not inclusive of VAT, the speeds quoted are maximum and not achievable (thus breaking ASA regulations) and overages are charged at a whopping £2.50/GB in the small print.

      If this is representative of the practices of the “small guys” I think I’d rather stick with the larger ISPs.

    • Avatar FibreFred

      … Yep brain it’s just a shameless plug

  6. Avatar Deduction

    LMAO at the above……


    and i quote
    “FTTC Contracts are for a minimum 18 months with 1 months notice required there after for cancellation.”


  7. Avatar Kits

    What BT are doing is trying to get all customers over to them placing smaller ISPs out of business then they will reset all prices to cover the shortfall for under selling the products now.

    What annoys me is they are taking our money from the government to upgrade their network, if they stopped underselling products they wouldn’t need to beg for money from government. This type of business plan is always a loser as there is never enough cash to upgrade add in the extortionate bonuses for CEO’s they really shouldn’t be under selling.

    Another gripe of mine is they phone up cold calling their telephone customers saying they can give better deals or faster speeds then your present supplier.. I really think this is underhanded and should be classed as poaching other ISPs customers.

  8. Kits you’re right … sad as it is, but it will be too late before most people realise 🙁

    brain_stew – you’re right, £2.50 is too high. As it is, we’ve never actually penalised any customer for overusage (to be honest we’ve always had unlimited plans until last month, but we’re trying to find a way of offering lower priced services to users because of the current climate) .. anyway I’ve changed the per Gb pricing to £1 … hopefully that’s better?

    FibreFred – yes we’re tied into a long term contract on the FTTC with BTW otherwise we wouldn’t impose this on our customers. On the plus side though, if you change your bandwidth allowance with us in contract we don’t extend your contract. Not my understanding with BT who apparently will just put you into a brand new 18 month term.

    We honestly want to try and get the balance right, focussing on Business Customers and Business Services .. we are not a Residential ISP. We currently have (for ASA purposes) an average of 20Mbit download speeds across the top 10% of our ADSL2 customer base, and we have 39Mbit on our FTTC customer base. We don’t have anyone on the 80Mbit service yet, but hope to shortly.

  9. Avatar Mervyn Congdon

    What I require is a ‘normal’ service, fast ok but not that important, but please, please let me see my emails properly and not looking through a letterbox as Sky is presently showing me. I cannot view a picture sent to me and can only read about three lines of e-mail text at any one time, the rest of the screen (about 75%) taken up with unsolicited advertising and utterly useless toolbars. I have complained a few times to Sky but they are adamant that this hopeless service is going to continue. I just want an ISP that allows me to use the www without restriction and enables me to read my e-mails. Help and thank you

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