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The Top 50 Slowest and Top 10 Fastest UK Streets for Broadband Speed

Thursday, April 24th, 2014 (12:11 am) - Score 3,224

A new report from uSwitch, which is based on 1,896,977 consumer Internet speedtests conducted during the August 2013 to January 2014 period, claims to have revealed the slowest and fastest streets in the United Kingdom for broadband speed. But we wouldn’t rely on the results.

The study found that Wheatley Road in Corringham (Essex) and Erw Fawr in Henryd (Wales) were the joint slowest with an average download speed of just 0.6Mbps. Meanwhile the fastest, with a score of 57.58Mbps, was Loundes Road in Unstone (Derbyshire).

Overall uSwitch claims that “only 15% of Brits are enjoying broadband of 30Mbps or higher“, which is the speed classified by the EU and Ofcom as “superfast” (note: the UK government still prefers the slower figure of 25Mbps+ for superfast). But take all of this with a huge pinch of salt, as we’ll shortly explain.


The next table shows the 10 fastest streets for broadband in the UK.


As usual such reports do tend to require a rather significant health warning because they frequently fail to take into count the fact that some of the slowest streets might already have access to faster connectivity, although local users may not yet have chosen to adopt it.

Indeed a separate poll of 2,100 people conducted by uSwitch last year found that 47.8% of those covered by superfast connectivity had not taken the service because they said it was still “too expensive” (related packages can attract a premium of roughly £5-£15).

In other cases local users with faster connectivity might not have used the uSwitch test and indeed the slowest streets are also undoubtedly the tiny proportion with no broadband access whatsoever, which wouldn’t show up here because such tests can struggle to even work.

On top of all that there are the usual caveats to remote speedtests. For example, Traffic Management measures, poor home wiring, slow wifi networks and natural fluctuations in performance between congested peak and uncongested off-peak periods can all impact the results.

Some newspapers will no doubt use this report as an excuse to attack the government’s broadband initiatives, although those projects are on-going until 2017 and this report would only have merit for such a task if the availability of faster services was factored in. Not to mention the inclusion of streets with no “reliable” broadband, which would also be helpful.

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17 Responses
  1. Avatar TheFacts

    This shows that the 15% enjoying 30M or above live in 15 streets.

  2. Alverley, Shropshire (I would not call it Bridgnorth to be honest, though has same postcode) does not surprise me at all.

    It’s served off 2 exchange Quatford and Arley, both at great distances from the village itself (a village of nearly 1000 homes).

    Sadly it’s going to be circa late mid-late 2015 before news of fibre services for this area.

  3. Avatar Rowley

    Mmmm they missed Kettering, where I get a massive 1.5 mb per second. Roll on fibre getting us out of the dark ages

  4. Avatar Stephen

    Aw, I’m gutted not to have made the top 50 slowest streets, I was sure we’d be right up there!!! Althought we do have a local entry staright in at no. 23.
    The sad thing is, these areas who despeeratly need a speed upgrade will be the ones who are the last to get it. Some of us have years to wait for a better sevice while the stronger ares continue to go from strength to stength.
    C’est la vie!

  5. Avatar Ignitionnet

    So there are apparently only 48 streets in the country which average less than 2Mb. That’s the USC part of BDUK Sorted then. *Rolleyes*

    • Avatar Robert

      Looking at the other list and using that same logic there are only 10 streets in the UK with speeds over 30Mb. So bang goes the theory of “superfast” broadband to 90% of the country.

    • Avatar No clue

      ^^^ LOL nothing else needs adding.

  6. Avatar Captain Cretin

    Your WIFI doesnt need to be slow to hamper your tests; connected by ethernet to the router I get 74Mbps, but over my 300Mbps (connected at 216Mbps), WIFI connection I get 41Mbps.

    If I bond a couple of WIFI connections together, I can get that up to 54Mbps.
    (I never knew you could do that until recently)

  7. Avatar Gadget

    A quick trip over to the broadband speed map on thinkbroadband.com shows that whilst some areas do have low speeds e.g.Henryd (albeit on the basis of a singe tbb test) other areas (Corringham for example) appear will served by broadband with perhaps a single result qualifying them for entry in the uSwitch list in contrast to the many other higher speed results in the area. As Mark points out an understanding of not just what but how the results are obtained and potential limitations and self-selections is important to get a balanced view

  8. Avatar PhilB

    The fast get faster while us snails are still getting left further behind..

  9. Avatar TheFacts

    Wheatley Road has FTTC with 65M.

  10. Avatar Steve

    South Hanningfield Road #20 no alternatives except Mobile or Satelite. Problem I have is that superfastessex is targeting places with adequate broadband without fibre but are “easy options” over looking at the real “need” however hard they are to fulfil. The difference between 6mb/s and 24 mb/s is the degree of patience the user may need to show for huge downloads whereas the difference between 1.25 mb/s and even 4 mb/s is a whole world of functionality unavailable to them. My hope is lists like this focuses the efforts on fixing the problems so please don’t undermine it completely, sure there may be some mis-entries but all of us are not bathing in the glow of double digit bandwidths.

  11. Avatar Ed newton

    I do not know what you are all moaning about…the AVERAGE here is 0.12Mbps

  12. Avatar Ed newton

    Well, it has taken around 2 hours, but I now have an upload speed of 0.03Mbs. Life is too precious for me to attempt the dowload test.

  13. Avatar No Idea

    This list needs updated

    I have BT and getting 46 ping, 0.49 mbps and 0.08 mbps :/ Supposed to be getting 1.3 Mbps download speed

    Can’t do anything with this wifi its pointless having it…

  14. Avatar thomas

    In the village I live, from what I know, our average is about 0.2mbs my home has 0.15mbs

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