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BT Openreach Launch UK Street Cabinet Level FTTC Broadband Check

Monday, August 4th, 2014 (10:02 am) - Score 114,883

Consumers wanting to know whether or not they are covered by and can receive a superfast broadband connection using BTOpenreach’s ‘up to’ 80Mbps Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) technology will, from today, now be given a more useful result after the national UK telecoms operator updates their availability test to include Street Cabinet status.

At present, if a postcode is entered into Openreach’s Checker, all the results come back at an exchange level. As a result of this an entire exchange area is listed as ‘Accepting Orders’ once the first cabinet served by the hybrid-fibre providing exchange is enabled to take fibre orders.

However this system, which worked fine for older ADSL based broadband lines that ran from the exchange, can be potentially misleading for those seeking to find out whether or not FTTC is available. This is because FTTC lines reflect actual coverage from the local Street Cabinet and not BT’s Telephone Exchange (e.g. it might claim you can get FTTC but if only 1 out of say 50 cabinets have been upgraded then you probably can’t).

But, effective from later today, Openreach will update their “fibre availability map” on the superfast website to show cabinet level results where an exchange area is enabled. This will give users a more accurate view of the current status of the cabinet which serves their property. Depending upon the status, the user will then be advised that their cab falls into one of the eight following categories:

Availability Categories

* Accepting orders: Great news. Superfast Fibre is in your area and your cabinet is enabled and accepting orders. Contact your preferred communications provider for your home or business to order.

* Enabled area: Your area is enabled for Superfast Fibre but your cabinet is not ready yet so you can’t place an order today. It is in our plans to be upgraded and we update this info weekly, so please check back later.

* High demand: Your area is enabled for Superfast Fibre but demand is high on your cabinet right now. This means you can’t order Superfast Fibre today but we’re working to increase capacity as soon as possible. Click here to find out more.

* Under review: We’re in your area but we’re still assessing whether or not we can upgrade your cabinet. This means you can’t order Superfast Fibre. Click here to find out more.

* ?: Superfast Fibre is in your area but we can’t tell by your postcode if you can get it right now. Please contact your communications provider, who can check using your phone number. Check out our FAQ for more information.

* Coming soon: Your area will be enabled within the next six months and we’ll provide more details nearer the time. At the moment you can’t order Superfast Fibre.

* Planned area: Your area is in our future plans and should be enabled within the next 18 months. We’ll provide more details nearer the time. At the moment you can’t order Superfast Fibre.

* Exploring Solutions: We’re keen to bring Superfast Fibre to your area and are exploring how best to achieve that. We may deliver it as part of our commercial programme, or by working in partnership with your local authority. At the moment you can’t order Superfast Fibre. For more information visit the FAQ section.

Openreach sees this as being one of the ways in which they can help to address the on-going calls for more coverage information to be release as part of the Government’s Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) programme, although it remains to be seen whether the extra data will be enough to silence the operators critics (it would have been nice had they done this right from the start).

NOTE: The new service is currently beta and doesn’t really add much in terms of new details, it should just be more reflective given the use of cabinet-based coverage.

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90 Responses
  1. adslmax says:

    Still the same old rubbish openreach site! I prefer this page: http://fttc-check.alc.im much better with more information. But, it no longer available because openreach asked Adam Curtis to taken it down!

    1. Bob says:

      It’s a shame the guy is such a *****, he should just move the sight off shore and tell Openreach to **** themselves.

    2. fastman2 says:


      it was being supplied Commercial data which is only provided from openreach to o CP’s

    3. Bob says:

      Torrent time then I guess.

  2. Raindrops says:

    Like most BT things sounded too good to be true and it is, going to…
    and trying their new beta results in the following……

    Still fails the obvious things like my street which has 2 properties which are Exchange only lines and it saying they can have FTTC, when they can not.

    Does not appear to check at street cabinet level either, entering a postcode for a road round here where one end is connected to one cabinet and the other end connected to a different cabinet, results in it showing the same green blob on the map for both ends of the street, which is not correct.

    Also fails to entirely to recognise a postcode for a housing development completed just under 9 months ago in my area.

    In short promises promises. Nothing more.

    1. Unknown101 says:

      Raindrops – has the property development been added to the royal mail PAF system? There were a few new builds near me that couldn’t be found on the BT site but wernt showing on the Royal Mail PAF system once added a couple weeks later BT system updated and added them.

      Also the website is updating later to do post code level status, it isn’t up on there yet.

    2. Raindrops says:

      Yep if i go to http://www.royalmail.com/find-a-postcode the new (or rather 9 month old) housing estate is recognised on that.

    3. Gadget says:

      The issue is that it is a postcode checker not an address checker. A proportion of postcodes are served by more than one cabinet or pseudo-cabinet if EO. In this instance a postcode only search cannot differentiate.

    4. Raindrops says:

      NO the issue for what Unknown101 asked is the BT database has no record of the postcode at all. Says it does not recognise it.

    5. Raindrops says:

      OMG worse quirk detected now……

      When you feed it one postcode not too far from me…. I assume it knows the postcode as it locates the area roughly but somehow does not think there are any homes or business in an entire postal code area LMAO……


      That must be a first an entire area of London with a postcode and not a single business or house in the area LOL

    6. fastman2 says:

      raindrops that data wont have been a postcode so probably not on anyone radar — developer probably never had a dsicussion around fibre and only asked for voice services — what develpment and whos the developer

    7. Raindrops says:

      Nope again with that 2nd postcode if i type it in to http://www.royalmail.com/find-a-postcode it is recognised just fine. The addresses which use that 2nd postcode are not new either, and have been there since way before i was even born. The databse is just useless and fails in so many senses.

  3. Jono says:

    Waste of time:

    Superfast Fibre is in your area but we can’t tell by your postcode if you can get it right now. Please contact your communications provider, who can check using your phone number. Check out our FAQ for more information.

    1. Unknown101 says:

      Jono – it isn’t up yet, it’s going to give post code level status later on today at the moment it’s only exchange level which as we know is not good enough.

    2. adslmax says:

      Unknown101 – I wouldn’t bet on it. Knowing BT is a liars!

    3. Jono says:

      For my business address it is giving cabinet details so assumed it was working. Home isnt though.

    4. Unknown101 says:

      Jono – Maybe their rolling it out in parts, my area is still only exchange level still waiting on one commercial cabinet locally so be interesting what they say on this map because I know the dates and the problems they’re having with it with wayleaves for power.

  4. dave says:

    my exchange was supposed to be upgraded in “calendar year 2014” now it says within 18 months, not happy! There is a different option for within 6 months that they could have used it is was going to be done in 2014, it looks like it isn’t 🙁

  5. adslmax says:

    Openreach website is a complete waste of space and time! I shall emailed Openreach chief executive and accused them of poor & rubbish website with no addition information to public interests!

  6. It should be pointed out, as Mark did say in his news piece, this does not go live until LATER today.

    Maybe worth reading the article in full guys/girls 😉

    1. adslmax says:

      We shall see! Openreach always a fail, always is and I wouldn’t be too surprise if the information is very tiny bit! The rest is hidden to openreach only.

    2. Raindrops says:

      Ermm it is live, if you clear your internet cache and go to…
      you get a popup appear stating its a “cabinet” checker.

    3. adslmax says:

      Raindrops a pop up is nothing there yet

    4. Mark Jackson says:

      It is now live, I believe.

    5. Nothing showing yet for Bridgnorth, just the main exchange showing as Accepting Orders.

      I presume it’s phased updates of backend db.

    6. Unknown101 says:

      Not live for me only exchange level still not cabinet level entered several post codes for the area.

    7. Raindrops says:

      The new checker is live, if you clear your cache and cookies when you visit
      you will get this pop up now…
      Earlier it had more text to it than that.

    8. adslmax says:

      Mark Jackson, Still the same old (nothing is live)

  7. Tomo says:

    Mine’s gone from Future Exchange by end of 2014 to Under review (Within 18 months) however the Coming Soom XLS and PDF documents state Dec ’14. I’m confused now! We’ll see what happens ‘later today’

    1. Tomo says:

      Oh and to top it off Digital Derbyshire say 2016!

  8. Tim says:

    Found one exchange that has now slipped from end of 2014 to within 18 months so might not be enabled until end of 2015, this is disappointing.

  9. adslmax says:

    a post code checker is useless (not 100% accurate) why can’t it changing to enter address checker instead! Stupid Openreach for less accurate!

    1. Are you ever pleased?

  10. Jonny says:

    In my case the checker results seemed to have devolved from the last time I tried it.

  11. gerarda says:

    The checker still perpetuates BT’s carefully crafted myth that every connected to the cabinet can get a service.

    1. GNewton says:

      We have seen at least 2 cases recently where premises connected to VDSL-enabled cabinets are show by BT’s online checker as VDSL not available. How do you explain this?

    2. Brian says:


      The Cabinet is at capacity and can’t take any more new services. Quite common now.

    3. gerarda says:

      The BT post code checker is more accurate than Openreach’s map -presumably to stop a load of time being wasted by BT retail and other ISPs placing orders for technically impossible distances.

  12. Brian says:

    Have to say, I quite like it and a step in the right direction.

    1. adslmax says:

      what a load of crap talk

  13. Jamie says:

    Mine says coming soon, forecast July 2014 despite the fact it’s August 2014 now.

  14. Raindrops says:

    Does not appear to be working for me at all now, just highlights the exchange rather than cabinet for various postcodes for me.

    You get more info from the wholesale checker at…
    including speed estimate for VDSL and ADSL what exchange and cabinet you are on.

    1. Gadget says:

      From a couple of checks I have done it appears that it changes the exchange status depending on the cabinet result – so for a cabinet that is enabled and the sole supply for a postcode the exchange flag shows “accepting orders” (we don’t have any full cabs yet to test that response).

    2. Raindrops says:

      Seems a bit of a silly way to go about things if that is the case and confusing for anyone checking more than a single property in the same town (one example where you may be doing that is if you are planning to move home and checking if you can get FTTC). One road (postcode) you check and it says yes the next says no but highlights the same blob!

  15. digi457 says:

    PDF file states Dec 14 postcode checker states planned within 18 months, total waste of time, more confused than ever.

  16. SImon says:

    Nice to see that the map is still completely wrong.
    It shows the Filton Exchange being near Patchway, when it is in Filton.
    The exchange it is showing is Almondsbury.
    What a load of rubbish.

    1. adslmax says:

      Yes it a waste of time. I am furious and angry with openreach told Adam Curtis off to bring this data taken away http://fttc-check.alc.im as this site far more useful with cabinet extra information.

      I have asked Adam Curtis to email me instead with openreach data information each weekly. He will do this for me. So, Openreach can get lost!

    2. Gadget says:

      adslmax – which extra information did you find useful and why?

    3. fastman2 says:


      Adls you can be furios and angry however the fact is that the site was made of of confidential information between openreach and CP’s (where CP’s have to agree confidentiality not tos hare it or publish it) – which is is exacly what was happening as it was been forwarded to the site

      wonder how cross you be if your commercial business data was shared with the world

    4. Raindrops says:

      Errrrrrr except it obviously is not now confidential if Openreach thereself are supposed to be sharing it.

  17. Nic Elliott says:

    We’ve performed some testing now with some post codes and the information just isn’t as accurate as it could be considering Openreach have the cabinet level information that was made available on Adam’s site.

    I’ve just wrote quite a detailed blog post on it, linked here – http://www.evolving-networks.co.uk/blog/fttc/openreachs-fttc-availability-checker-not-as-accurate-as-it-needs-to-be

    From everything we can tell, as soon as a post code has more than one cabinet it falls over.

    We’ve been relying on Adam’s site as the easiest way of getting to this data but are looking at building our own checker to wrap around it.

    As far as commercially sensitive information goes, and sharing it, I absolutely agree that you shouldn’t share commercially sensitive information without permission, but in my opinion this information shouldn’t be commercially sensitive, and in fact Openreach should create a checker that gives all the functionality we need at a full address and cabinet level for FTTC availability.

    Right now the Openreach website is even more confusing and misleading, and it doesn’t helps us provide accurate plans for our customers and people enquiring.

    1. Gadget says:

      Nick – what do you get from Adam’s site that you cannot get direct from Openreach?

    2. Nic Elliott says:

      Hi Gadget

      Well for one, it was a front end to the data that made searching via a post code very easy. You had to already know the cabinet number from a full address or PSTN, but it then gave you a very clear reading of the status of the cabinet.

      If it was part of a BDUK project, then it often had a date, which doesn’t appear to be information we can get directly from BT – certainly not in a bulk format.

      My understanding of the BDUK projects is that there is no common standard for reporting data, so very difficult to be able to give good information as to timescales.

    3. Nic Elliott says:

      We can get a BDUK project name and Phase, but not a date.

    4. Tom says:

      https://windows.mouselike.org/be – can cope with post codes with multiple cabinets covering it.

    5. Nic Elliott says:

      Hi Tom

      Doesn’t look like it does from the few checks I’ve just run. E.g. WV7 3BJ has 3 cabinets, and this only lists one.


    6. Gadget says:

      Nic – just tried that postcode and it gives the “cannot differentiate at postcode level” message for the exchange.

    7. Nic Elliott says:

      Hi Gadget

      On which site?


    8. Gadget says:

      Using the Openreach checker the postcode gives the message
      “Exchange Name: ALBRIGHTON

      Superfast Fibre is in your area but we can’t tell by your postcode if you can get it right now. Please contact your communications provider, who can check using your phone number. Check out our FAQ for more information.”

    9. Nic Elliott says:

      That’s the point I made in my blog post though – every address in that post code, connected to every cabinet can get FTTC right now.

      Yet this new checker gives a question mark and a vague promise of being in the area.

      I’ve just spent the afternoon going through a list of customers that get the worst coverage – generally only ADSL Max, not even ADSL2+ let alone FTTC. Only one so far has any kind of FTTC plan, and all the ones that say “PA” except that one have no plans at all on the cabinet level check.

      In fact half of them are EO (Exchange Only) lines.

      It would be just so much simpler if they joined these systems together, and with a full address, and/or PSTN, they told you clearly if you were EO, cabinet if not, then the state of that cabinet, including BDUK phase with dates, and also the speed estimates.

      Is it too much to ask for, Openreach??


  18. Adam Curtis says:

    Hi guys,

    I made the site fttc-check.alc.im that some of you are referring to. Whilst I’m sure it was pretty useful BT asked me to take down the site and I did. It was using confidential company information that they didn’t want exposed for various reasons.

    As other people seem to be suggesting, I WON’T under any circumstances be sending data to anyone. If people think that this is the case then they have been mis-informed.

    Openreach’s new checker may not have as much information as mine had, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction.


    1. Nic Elliott says:

      I completely understand your position Adam, and thanks for writing the site in the first place. We found it very useful as part of a suite of checks for broadband availability.

      I just hope that over time Openreach improve their checker further – but seeing how far the FTTC rollout has progressed now, anything they do is a little late.


    2. Tom says:

      Can you share the reasons they gave you?

    3. Raindrops says:

      Probably just bullied him like they tried to do with the superfarce parody site also.

    4. Ignitionnet says:

      ADSLMax lying about Adam sending him the data weekly. Who would have thought?

    5. Raindrops says:

      I wonder how his site can be using “confidential company information” if the new beta openreach checker is “supposed” to allow the same info publicly???

  19. hamish says:

    BT system is rubbish.Just like the BT wholesale page also with there so called speeds they say your line can handle and you don’t get the speeds predicted . so obvious its rip off Britain

  20. Max360 says:

    @ adslmax, you already have FTTC/cable available at your address. Why would you be looking for the data? Many people including my self, cabinets didn’t get upgraded, so therefore it makes sense for us to look up for the FTTC availability data.

  21. Shane says:

    Evolving Networks were really helpful. What really annoys me is that the BT website stated the cabinet will be updated by 2014 end. I’ve been to the steering group sessions as part of Superfast Leicestershire and each time we are told they can’t provide location by location information. Yet Evolving Networks were able to provide this.

    How can a company like BT/Open Reach not give the same level and why won’t the Project Manager release this information either?

    I moved into a house in December based in the BT info of ‘being upgraded in 2014’ yet Evolving Networks state it won’t be for at least 5 years…..

    1. Nic Elliott says:

      Hi Shane

      I’m sorry we couldn’t give you better news, but we’d rather tell you the more accurate information we can.

      There are still nearly 2000 exchanges, out of nearly 5600 that have absolutely no plans for an FTTC upgrade.

      If you think how many tens of thousands of cabinets there are as well in the UK, it’s an even larger proportion that are connected to an FTTC enabled exchange, but not to a cabinet that will see FTTC any time soon.

      We’re trying to build up some more stats on this while analysing the data we get from Openreach, as so far, it doesn’t feel like the headline figures always quoted for UK coverage are right at all.

      Nic – Evolving Networks

    2. Shane says:


      To be honest I appreciate honesty and I think that’s all everyone wanted.

      Open reach are a joke and seems they are making people suffer for their incompetence. I’ve followed a few BDUK projects and it seems it’s nothing but disappointment.

      it’ll get to 2018 and I bet Open reach will need an extra said millions to continue the project on. I have even rang Virgin Media and said to them i’ll raise the money for them to install their service on my road (serving approx 200 houses) and they said a straight no as it’s not in their interest.

      on a final note, Nick, your staff member was very helpful. I was offered accurate information and costing for bonded lines (although well out of my price range as I barely get 1mbps so would need 8 lines to get a half decent speed) so praise to her.

      All you need to do now is lower the bonded lines cost so I can afford it…..haha

    3. Gadget says:

      Shane, I’m sorry you currently don’t have a good speed, but I assume you were only speaking for yourself about the disappointment as I can see 888k reasons not to be disappointed with BDUK currently (and will grow when the next set of figures are released).

    4. Gadget says:

      Nik the thing to remember is the distribution of exchange size has a very long tail of small exchanges. You only have to compare the number of exchanges unbundled by any large ISP and see the coverage (isn’t talktalk around 3 thousand exchange and over 94% cover [ball-park]?)

    5. TheFacts says:

      “There are still nearly 2000 exchanges, out of nearly 5600 that have absolutely no plans for an FTTC upgrade.”

      Some of those appear on county plans to get FTTx at some point.

  22. Jonny says:

    “There are still nearly 2000 exchanges, out of nearly 5600 that have absolutely no plans for an FTTC upgrade.”

    Right there is the problem with capitalism. don’t do it for no or little profit.
    In a fair society all those 5600 exchanges should be done by now.

  23. Shane says:


    I do speak for myself and the 150 or so houses on my road. Many who are paying BT, Sky and other BB providers for speeds of 0.75Mbps. I can only imagine most of paying full price as well and have not challenged the provider for a price reduction for lack of speed.

    1. fastman2 says:

      i assume your on a new development where the builder/ Developer decided not to have a conversion with openreach about building fibre and only requested a copper serice — and assuming that development is over 100 premises the planning rules for voice state you have a new copper cabinet — that cabinet did not exist weht the market test was undertaken — it will be close to fibre but it wont have been picked up by either commercial programme of BDUk programme — so you have a choice whoe with your residents to encourge the developer to private fund it (there are a number of developers doing this

      what development are you on

  24. Sky_Customer says:

    Back on the topic of the ‘Improved’ Where and When site.

    I can attest to the inaccuracy of the data and how it is now worse.

    My Postcode was at AO status for at most 10 days, yet the cabinet was not enabled and I could not order.
    I have been checking my Tele No with PlusNet and BT every day for the last 2 months as I did not believe the information I was getting was true or updated in a timely way.

    The site changed and it went to EA status, advising the cabinet(s) were not ready and you cannot place an order yet.

    Within no more than 3 hours of the change I checked with PlusNet and BT if my Telephone No. was enabled for fibre. The answer was yes and I placed an order immediately, which has been confirmed.

    The site still gives an EA status. I checked a neighbours Tele No. and it also is available to order fibre on, so it was not a fluke or mistake.

    This is a level of dis-information that we can do without in view of the general silence from the BDUK project locally.

    1. Gadget says:

      So since the information on the site is updated weekly, then assuming you just missed the update can you let us know if it changes to AO in a week’s time?

    2. Raindrops says:

      “So since the information on the site is updated weekly”

      Complete horse poop

    3. Gadget says:

      Raindrops – that is what is claimed on the site in the EA text underneath the map. The site has only been live for a week so I’d rather wait for Sky_Customer to post again, to complete the sample of one, than to accept your blanket dismissal.

    4. Sky_Customer says:


      6 days of checking and still not change.

      If it is updated it should be on 14/08/2014.

      BTW: I re-read your reply and do not understand ‘just missed the update’ as the 1st change was on 07/08/2014 therefore no time for any chanage to ‘miss’.

      Will update end of play 14/08/2014.

    5. TheFacts says:

      @Raindrops – Please explain why you say the site is not updated weekly.

    6. Sky_Customer says:


      18:04 14/08/2014: Still no change in the EA status. (7 days elapsed)

      The ‘Dis-information’ contention is proved in my view.

      I can only think this is an attempt to ‘control demand’ or something.
      Although the ‘or something’ does tend to win in my mind. 🙂

      I even spoke to some engineers working nearby and they thought that everything was ready to go.

      Openreach are a mystery to everyone outside the industry, read ‘Customers’!!!!!

  25. Sky_Customer says:


    Do you know on what day it is updated, as a matter of interest.

    I still check it every day anyway and will update this thread.

    My annoyance is that although the information may make sense to BT and/or Openreach being on the inside so to speak. It is not clear what is being reported, to the customer him/herself.

    It appears that it now reports aggregated information if there is more than 1 cab in the postcode and uses simple logic that if ALL are not enabled report NONE are ????

    How does this help anyone.

    It is a clasic case of not looking at the situation from the customers point of view and not accounting for the Customers lack of knowledge of the Technicalities.

    BT/Openreach state something that makes sense because of their inside knowledge in a way that only BT/Openreach understand.

    Equivalent to talking jargon to a customer and expecting them to understand.

  26. john says:

    say no more its open reach cowboys

  27. Ceri says:

    Would it make sense for the Openreach to have an advanced search feature when you can type your cabinet number. Mine comes up as ? too, assuming because just 200m down the street there is another that is fibre enabled but also connected to a different exchange.

  28. mick h says:

    I have just spoken to BT to find out if my street was Infinity enabled. I have watched the box being installed 18 months ago and the postcode checker still has a question mark. I have found out that the house 3 doors down has Infinity but nobody else in the street are able to get it. Their response was that the one house that has it may be off a different loop from the exchange at that they have been enabled. It is so frustrating that, for the distance of 20mtrs to the box, we are still living in the 20th century. arggg

  29. John says:

    I have tried to order infinity, due to Openreach website saying its in my area, on attempting to order this BT state it’s not available in my area. On explaining the two sites conflict, and after dealing with various call centers etc, and no staff with technical experience, I was advised to speak to Openreach. Needless to say after playing tennis between them, I have found we will not be able to order this as we do not have a cabinet supply us as we live so close to the exchange we are supplied direct off of the exchange, I then spoke to bt and they state, Infinity cable only runs to the cabinet and then its copper wire to your home. as the exchange is a direct supply its not an option to order this, so we have to live without the infinity packages available to people a few more yards down the road who are attached to a cabinet.
    Praise where due Openreach were very helpful, BT left a fair amount not to be desired.
    Try speaking to openreach it got the end result for me.

  30. TalkTalk Customer says:

    Accepting orders: Great news. Superfast Fibre is in your area and your cabinet is enabled and accepting orders. Contact your preferred communications provider for your home or business to order.

    But when I spoke to my current ISP provider (TalkTalk), they inform me that its not available! Completely frustrated as OpenReach will only talk to my current ISP provider and not me.
    I just want to know when fibre is available from TalkTalk.
    Spoked to TalkTalk and they just say they have not been informed from OpenReach that Fibre is enabled!

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  10. FTTH (1364)
  11. 4G (1271)
  12. Fibre Optic (1166)
  13. Virgin Media (1159)
  14. Wireless Internet (1152)
  15. Ofcom Regulation (1139)
  16. Vodafone (836)
  17. EE (830)
  18. TalkTalk (760)
  19. 5G (760)
  20. Sky Broadband (744)
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