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UPDATE ISP TalkTalk Raises UK Phone Line Rental and Broadband Prices

Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 (1:31 pm) - Score 6,435

Budget ISP TalkTalk has predictably announced a raft of annual price rises and service changes for their broadband and phone products, most of which will be introduced on 1st December 2014. Customers who don’t like the changes have been told that they can “cancel by contacting us within 30 days of receiving your price notification letter“. But some new benefits have also been added (free mobile SIMs for Plus TV etc.).

The changes represent somewhat of an annual event in the United Kingdom’s telecoms industry, with all of the major broadband and phone providers tending to follow BT’s earlier announcement from August 2014 (here). So what’s changing this time?

Firstly, the standard cost of Phone Line Rental will increase from £15.95 now to £16.70 per month (+4.7%) and customers who take their cheaper pre-paid annual line rental (Value Line Rental) will, effective from the slightly earlier date of 30th November 2014, pay £180.36 per year (equivalent to £15.03 per month) instead of £172.20 as it is now (equivalent to £14.35 per month).

Meanwhile customers who still take TalkTalk’s old “Plus” calls and broadband bundle can now expect to pay £18.50 per month (up by +£3 from £15.50), which seems designed to encourage an upgrade to their newer “Plus TV” package; prices for their SimplyBroadband, Essentials TV and Plus TV packages remain unchanged. TalkTalk will also be asking customers on their shared unbundled (SMPF LLU) lines, including older AOL Broadband subscribers, to pay a whopping £5 extra per month.

In terms of boosts (optional upgrades), TalkTalk’s International Calls Boost will increase from £3.50 per month to £5, although this will now include calls to landline and mobile phones in 22 additional countries. Similarly their Mobile Minutes Boost 100 (£3) is to be scrapped and replaced with Mobile Minutes Boost Unlimited for £5 per month. Next up the Anytime UK Calls Boost (£5) will also increase to £7.50 per month, although crucially customers will also get unlimited calls to mobile phones. Finally, the call connection fee on TalkTalk’s phone network will increase by 1p to 16p on the 1st January 2015.

A TalkTalk Spokesperson told ISPreview.co.uk:

Our customers are talking, watching, streaming and downloading more than ever, not just at home but on the go. To meet their growing needs, we’re adding more to their packages. Mobile now comes as standard for our Plus customers, as we’ve included a free SIM worth £90. We’re also introducing more ways for customers to save money on their bills each month.

As we continue to invest in improvements to our service, some prices will increase. TalkTalk still remains Britain’s lowest price, offering a saving of up to £184 a year in comparison to BT.”

It’s noted above that customers will also get some additional benefits out of the ISPs planned price rises and that occurs in other areas too. For example, TalkTalk’s TV Entertainment and TV Entertainment Extra boosts will actually be reduced by £5 a month and all Plus TV customers will also be eligible for a free mobile SIM packed with minutes, texts and data (100 minutes, 250 texts and 200MB of data).

UPDATE 2:07pm

Added a comment from TalkTalk above.

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18 Responses
  1. Avatar dave

    those are some big price rises 🙁

  2. Avatar Kits

    Well what do you expect they are offering free 12 month internet on fttc so someone has to cover the shortage of funds as always the good old customers.

    There is never a free meal if someone is dining for free some other poor soul is covering the bills.

  3. Avatar Daniel

    There is mention of every package but the ‘Essentials’ – Not ‘Essentials TV’, but the basic ‘Essentials’ package. They mention both variations of Plus though.

    This has got me wondering whether there is any longer a distinction between the two…

  4. Avatar DanielM

    price increase when their wholesale prices are the same…

  5. Good to see competition working so well. BT raise line rental to £16.99, Sky promptly follow suit going to £16.40, and now TalkTalk to £16.70.

    That’s the big 3.

    You know, when a small group who dominate a market raise prices like this most call it a cartel.

    Aren’t Ofcom amazing at their job? Should be disbanded as we were promised they would be.

  6. Avatar Kits

    Well somebody has to pay for the free BB on offer to new signups.

    Smaller ISPs all the way now I still only pay £13 a month line rental.

  7. Avatar finaldest

    Ohh don’t worry, you can cancel and switch if you disagree with price rise!!!!.

    Whats the point when all the isp’s follow suit.

    Monopoly is in full swing.

    • Avatar Kits

      Not all as I said I still pay £13 a month line rental just use mobile for outgoing calls using my free mins allowance. I have saved a lot of money since I moved my line from BT to a small ISP.

      Open your eyes and look at what is on offer..

  8. “We’re also introducing more ways for customers to save money on their bills each month”

    Like by putting up their basic price? 🙂

  9. Avatar DTMark

    I’d say that about £15 a month represents something of a psychological barrier.

    Getting on for £17 a month as a base fee just to rent a connection to an ancient copper based network is starting to sound silly now.

    Double that perhaps for fibre (FTTP), indeed I’d pay £150/mo or more, but that’s not an option open to us because the network is so out of date, and I’m an exception, most would not pay that. We pay that much anyway for 4G as it is.

    Having not paid any line rental for about seven years (no landline) and only once having ever found any use for BT’s network in about 20 years (600m line to exchange so nearly the full 6.7 Meg downstream with ADSL, was OK a decade ago), this all seems hilarious to me.

    I suppose in that respect it’s a cartel on fixed line broadband via the BT network, but then, the BT network here has no useful offerings and two other networks – Three and EE – do.

    If you’re only a light user of the internet, I’d have thought 3G or 4G would be better options for you in price and quite possibly performance, too.

  10. Avatar davey

    apparently talktalk say they will be doing a better service well that’s a first but saying that fttc is absolute shambles anyways and that’s all the top three think of price hikes after price hikes even tho the line rental is a tax for nothing especially when you don’t use the ornament of a house phone ,

  11. Avatar Jennifer Adams

    I will be looking for a better deal than this , the price has gone up so much , I paid £126 last year and that was fine as I live alone and on state pension. I have landline and broadband and it was enough to pay each month , so disappointed with u at talk talk, feel so let down .

  12. Avatar Tommyt

    I too paid £126 as an advanced yearly payment option. The same one off yearly payment is now nearly £180. I will shopping around for a better price – that’s for sure. Bye bye Talk Talk

  13. Avatar Bruno Miorin

    They’ve been increasing prices every six months and now this? To new customers they are offering slashed prices on broadband and who’s paying for this? Us! Seriously looking for a different provider!


  14. Avatar Stanley Binns

    In April 2013 Value Line Rental was £114 in advance payment = £9.50 a Month , now October 2014 it is £172.20 in advance = £14.35 a Month .

    How can they justify that increase , I will not be renewing with talktalk .

  15. Avatar vaneed kaka

    Never go for talktalk. Yes its cheap but always disconnecting and too slow. And once you upgrade and if you want to cancel later because of slow speed or disconnection, they will not cancel it even you phone them to cancel it under the time period. I have canceled my contract because too many problems and they ask me to pay over £500 pounds because of 24 months contract and I paid but still they are keep sending me the bills and they are keep saying this will be the final amount. I am screwed. Watch what customers says on youtube videos and you will know what I mean.

  16. Very nice information about UK line rental and broadband price

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