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Existing Three UK Customers Say Goodbye to Unlimited Tethering

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014 (2:19 pm) - Score 74,727

Mobile operator Three UK has been slowly phasing out unlimited Mobile Broadband tethering support from their “all-you-can-eat” data tariffs since they introduced new plans earlier this year (here) and now existing subscribers of the legacy ‘One Plan’ are being pushed onto new contracts too, which cap tethering usage.

The Tethering feature allows Smartphone owners to turn their devices into a wireless (WiFi) Mobile Broadband modem (Personal Hotspot) for use by other devices, such as wifi equipped desktop and laptop computers. But doing this can sometimes result in customers using a larger amount of data than before (i.e. like it was fixed line service) and is thus restricted on most networks.

Unfortunately new customers to Three UK can no longer take the operators original One Plan with unlimited tethering support (most tariffs now include a Personal Hotspot / tethering allowance of 2GB or 4GB on SIM Only), although existing subscribers were allowed to continue using their old contracts. It should be said that you can still buy tariffs with “all-you-can-eat” data from Three UK, it’s just this doesn’t apply to tethering anymore (note: cunning users can sometimes mask tethering to look like normal mobile traffic).

But recently some of the customers that have chosen to remain on Three UK’s older legacy plans have started to receive SMS text messages concerning their contracts (this predominantly seems to affect those who are outside of their original minimum contract term), which advises related subscribers to contact the operator. It appears as if these are being sent out in phases so as not to swamp the operators customer support teams, although long queues have still been experienced.

The Three UK Text Message

Hello. We need to speak to you about changes to your plan. Please contact us free on 08003583429 to speak to our dedicated team.”

Customers who contact this number are advised by Three UK that they will be forced onto a newer plan by January 2015, which crucially swaps unlimited tethering for a 4GB usage cap (normal mobile smartphone usage will however remain “all-you-can-eat“). Alternatively the subscribers can elect to take a different plan or Three UK will eventually cancel the service. Ouch.

Crucially Three UK is still the only mobile operator to offer “all-you-can-eat” data via mobile devices, although it’s worth pointing out that other operators like EE will give you a bigger tethering allowance than 4GB; but they can cost a bit more too. Ultimately we’re not surprised by this move as mobile data is an expensive business and it only takes a small proportion of users, each gobbling hundreds of GigaByte’s a month via Tethering, to cause problems. On the other hand Three UK should have thought about that before they offered such a service.

It should be said that customers who receive this text might do well to wait until Three UK contacts you directly, as opposed to doing the hard work for them by sitting in a support queue for almost an hour before somebody comes to give you the bad news. Three UK are required to inform you of any changes to the contract terms, so you’ll find out one way or another. Various other forums from across the Internet have also been highlighting this development (here, here and here).

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  1. Avatar DTMark says:

    It does look like higher allowances are starting to evolve at last though sadly and predictably not for free.

    EE has a business mobile data plan offering 64GB for £80 per month (or 128GB for £160) which is pricing we wouldn’t have seen even a year ago.

    1. Avatar Andy says:

      64gb is a decent cap.. but at that price?

    2. Avatar DTMark says:

      Is it expensive? Referring to the thread title, “unlimited tethering” = unlimited usage.

      I can’t see how that comes about from being out and about. Even on a business plan with a sales person and a laptop on the road every day would surely struggle to get through 80GB in a month even pulling presentations from cloud servers. Which you wouldn’t do anyway because you’d preload it and not take the risk of no connection.

      If it’s being used as an alternative permanent connection like here, £80 is a bit over twice what it would cost for fixed line, but then it’s twelve times faster down and a hundred times faster upstream, and at least someone has got off their backsides and installed a broadband network here so it’s an option.

      I don’t have a problem paying it, but then if budget is more important, I could have Three (slower) or ADSL (laughable) instead.

      I see a possible future in which users can stream all types of media anywhere to their mobile devices with sufficient capacity to really change the usage model, but I think that’s a very long way away yet.

    3. Avatar Andy says:

      According to website – £41.67 for 50gb £100 for 80gb on sim only..

    4. Avatar DTMark says:

      I think it was this page, then click ‘monthly plans’. However someone has managed to hyperlink that text to the local/test copy of the EE website which doesn’t work on the live one so while it worked yesterday, it’s broken today. You come to expect this sort of thing with EE, it’s normal.


  2. Avatar Alex Ward says:

    I think this is slightly incorrect. You don’t make it clear in the news story that this ONLY affects people who are outside of their minimum term and on The One Plan. People who still have part of their minimum term remaining on their contract are not affected at this point and will only be affected when their term ends.

    In my case, my contract doesn’t end until February so I will not be affected until then, based on their current plans. If they changed it for people within their minimum term, some people could claim breach of contract and terminate early without penalty.

    1. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      Fair point, although that was kind of implied by the context. Anyway I’ll make a small edit.

    2. Avatar GILL says:


      You said your ‘The One Plan’ is finishing in Feburary. May I ask have they moved you to a different plan which only restricts your personal hotspot to 4GB a month??

      My The One Plan is ending on 13th May 2015 and I’m F***** pissed off that they lied to me on the phone by saying I will stay on this same plan on rolling contract.

      Please get me back to me when you can.


      Kind regards

  3. Avatar Web Dude says:

    Very angry about this change. The maximum “data only” SIM deal from Three has been 15 GB for several years (I was using 15 GB a month each and every month from October 2008 to Sept 2012, by which time I had an “all you can eat” mobile contract with them, too).

    I don’t really need 0800 / 0870 / 0845 calls from Three, and currently pay them 15 quid a month for 2000 minutes of calls, 5000 minutes of calls to other Three customers, 5000 texts, and unlimited tethering.

    Looks like I will have to tell them what alternative I want, if I even carry on using them, because they would probably try to stiff me with a 25/month (or more) SIM Only contract (they offer unlimited data, unlimited texts, and 600 minutes for a bit over 20 quid but I am unwilling to spend that much.

    I have another mobile and contract too, until June 2015, so they won’t lose just one but two monthly contracts because of this “simplification” exercise which would cost me more and remove features from what I currently get.

    OK, they are rolling out 4G but they have now lost the possible sale of a 4G mobile too, because if the options are to spend more and get less, they lose my custom completely.

    Not only that, but whereas I would have recommended others (300,000 businesses, and growing every month) consider Three, they will not get a mention (except as a network to avoid).

    1. Avatar DTMark says:

      So if £25 per month is too much, how much is acceptable?

  4. Avatar Tim says:

    This and almost no 4G coverage Three are starting to look like a very poor choice.

    I moved to Tesco as I wanted LTE and to be able to make calls inside. I’m finding it very hard living with only 2GB data but it is nice to actually have coverage and be able to make and receive calls/texts inside.

    Three, the smallest mobile operator looks set to loose a lot of customers (or not see the growth it should be seeing).

  5. Avatar NN says:

    I am currently on the legacy One Plan and think this is a good thing.

    In peak times the Three network seems to be very busy, speeds drop off considerably, this is likely due to the amount of people using 3G/4G as a replacement for their home broadband service.

    Putting the limits in place won’t affect the amount of data you can use on your phone, but it should help to stop people from hammering the network by using is on their various devices at home.

  6. Avatar Vince says:

    I’ve also got several subscriptions with 3, all on the One Plan. I am pretty miffed because actually I do use quite a bit of data – but I also use most of it in the middle of the night when I am actually working, when the network is quiet and my usage has very little impact on them.

    If they remove mine, they’ll be losing about £250 a month – that’s the only reason I am with three.

    1. Avatar DTMark says:

      Three lost our custom when they failed to repair the local transmitter which has had an intermittent backhaul or other fault for over two years now.

      That was over £100 per month. They tried everything to keep me except fixing the fault which still persists to this day. I see it when I fall back to using Three about twice a year,

      The idea of customer retention and the adage that it is cheaper to sell to your existing customers than it is to recruit new ones are so last decade, it seems.

    2. Avatar Joynul says:

      Looks like android ha solution to tether limit. Clock work mod allows usb tethering tto desktop and hides it as normal phone usage. Did it on T-Mobile full minty and now on three for 3 months. No warnings. But just don’t start using 50gb a day or something and you will be fine

  7. Avatar Nigel says:

    Been with three for last 7 years and spend about £100 a month with them across a couple of handsets – too bad they will be losing my custom when they make this change – it was the only thing making me put up with the poor network coverage. Its bad form Three if you treat your customers this way expect them to be pissed off and leave !

  8. Avatar SpencerUk says:

    I’m a one plan customer myself on a sim only and known about this for a couple of weeks now thanks to a friend.

    Personally it doesn’t bother me. Let’s be honest, Three are having to do this because there’s idiots out there who have been abusing it and being using it a fixed service. Yes data usage has spiralled in the past years due to how things have evolved but people using 100gb a month tethering just takes the biscuit.

    If Three offer me a reasonable lot of mins (200 plus) with unlimited texts and data 4gb tethering and the three at home function for £25 id just be as happy.

    For people who want the security of unlimited data on their mobile phone Three have you well and truly over a barrel.

    1. Avatar Steve says:

      Calling people idiots for using it as a fixed service is out of order. In some peoples circumstances having land line broadband isn’t an option, so using the One Plan via tethering provided an alternative.

      If Three didn’t want people to use 100GB+ per month, they could have put a tethering cap of about 25GB from the outset, but they wanted the USP of being the only network offering unlimited tethering.

    2. Avatar k.scaife says:

      I for one work away from home (motorway recovery) and need theuse of tethering or dongle for my laptop n ipad uses, i use on avg 20-30gb a month with three one plan. Without it i cannot do ****. Your right in saying people have abused the unlimited usage. But also three hasnt even bothered to compete with the likes of EE for even a 20gb allowance…..so shame on u three for not giving a dam

  9. Avatar Shane says:

    All you guys need to do is link is to the link that lets people ‘mask tethering’ lol.

    Really really disappointed about this.

    The government are not giving me BB till 2016 and now I can’t use three for home BB either….


  10. Avatar a cloudy moose says:

    I’m currently on the One plan and my contract ran out in November, yet no contact from Three about this, anyone in a similar situation?

  11. Avatar a cloudy moose says:

    just been googling, apparently existing One plan users will retain the unlimited tethering, Three’s CEO mentioned it, check uswitch for it

    1. Avatar Adam says:

      I’ve been a three customer for almost two years, on the rolling monthly one plan with unlimited tethering. Just got a letter through the door saying they are phasing out unlimited tethering for all one plans, so I need to switch. I remember the CEO saying that, but they have obviously changed their minds.

  12. Avatar Grimreaper says:

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the stories you are reading are from earlier in the year, when the One Plan was originally scrapped for new customers. Three’s CEO appears to have kept his original promise to existing one plan customers for a whole seven months (What a guy) however that has since been u-turned and the One Plan rug is now being pulled from under our feet. Contact is currently being made with customers (out of their original contract term) to offer them one of the new deals. However it WILL NOT be a repeat of the one plan, and you can wave a cheerful goodbye to unlimited tethering, because those days are gone. There is an up to date thread running on the Digital Spy forum in relation to this.

  13. Avatar rich says:

    what the hell???
    im on the one plan and one of the main factors was the unlimited tethering and it was made very clear that when my contract ends ,i can KEEP my
    existing plan on a monthly rolling contract at my sole discretion. now that the UNLIMITED TETHERING is going to be no more,, are three guilty of mis selling?

    1. Avatar Grimreaper says:

      You can keep your one plan until your contract period ends, after that its only a matter of time before you get a letter or a phone call, informing you that customers currently out of contract on the One Plan are being migrated and you can either agree to be moved to one of their ‘new’ tariffs at the new prices or get your PAC code, pack yer bags and leave, there are no special deals or price reductions being offered in order to retain your business, and if you want the AYCE (handset) deal with AYCE Minutes etc, then you will soon be paying £28 to get it. Whatever you were told weeks or months ago, is completely immaterial now because it has now been overridden by this latest decision.

      As far as I can tell, as long as Mobile Operators give correct notice and the facilities for the customer to leave if they are not happy with the changes, then its all perfectly legal. They could hike the price to £100 a month if they wished, and that would be fine, provided customers were freely able to get their PAC code, and leave without penalty if they didn’t want to agree or be part of the forthcoming changes.

      As far as I can see, Three are giving at least 30 and in some cases 60 days notice to customers before migrating them onto the new Tariffs, so no wrongdoing. Unfortunately just because you don’t like the fact that unlimited tethering is going or that a £15 tariff could be soon increasing to £28 doesn’t automatically mean any mis selling on the part of the operator – they can change tariffs as much as they like, provided notice is given in writing, and the 30 – 60 days given by Three is more than compliant in this respect!.

  14. Avatar rich says:

    thx for your reply
    its not a case of “i don’t like it”
    it is a fact i will NOT be getting what was agreed when i took out the the contract!

    all the best regards rich

  15. Avatar Grant says:

    I have just spoken with 3 and have been told they cannot and will not change my contract unless directed by me the customer . My contract ended mid Sept and I have never received any messages to date stating my unlimited tethering would end !

    Can anyone else clarify if they have been contacted and told they will be forced to move onto another contract or leave the network if they so wish !

    1. Avatar rich says:

      depends who you talk to at three,, some same no change some say it will,, i raised a complaint and spoke to one of the managers at three,, and she did confirm 100% that all people on three WILL eventually lose UNLIMITED TETHERING
      all the best

    2. Avatar Grimreaper says:


      Yes, i’ve been contacted, and the letter offered the following

      AYCE Data (4gb max tethering) AYCE Minutes, AYCE Texts for £25 / month
      AYCE Data (4gb max tethering) 200 Minutes, AYCE Texts for £15 / month

      Both of the above are also offered on a 30 day rolling contract, for an extra £3 / month, so £28 and £18 respectively.

      The letter gives me 30 days notice, if I don’t contact them within the notice period I will automatically be migrated onto the 30 day rolling £18 / month option.

      Although AYCE data is still being offered it’s limited to phone (handset) only, the maximum available for tethering is now 4GB, there are no larger tethering options.

      I use around 7gb – 10gb tethered, so Three are no longer suitable for me as they don’t have a tariff which offers this. I’m currently using one of the Free EE 100GB Sims, after which I’ll either move to EE’s 10GB Tariff, or get an EE 15gb / month Mobile Broadband sim.

  16. Avatar Grant says:

    I made two separate phone calls , one just as my contract ended and the other yesterday , both stated those of us on the old one plan would remain on the unlimited unless the customer requested a change .

    Given what you were told by a manager I find it odd that this hasn’t been cascaded down to the rest of the sales team so a consistent source of info is provided to the customer ?

    I don’t think they’ve decided one way or the other at present so as usual in theses circumstances speculation fills the void .

    1. Avatar GILL says:


      Hhave they moved you to a different plan as of APRIL 2015?

      reply back to kuljitsinghigill1@hotmail.com please

      kind regards

  17. Avatar Grimreaper says:

    There are estimated to be over 1 million one plan customers currently with Three, some of these will still be in contract, however the ones currently out of contract probably still amount to quite a significant number. Sending out letters to perhaps hundreds of thousands of subscribers is time consuming, as will be dealing with their phone calls and questions when the letters arrive.

    In order to avoid jamming up the call centres, letters to customers are being staggered and sent out in batches so it may be days, weeks or even a couple of months before every subscriber gets the letter, but if you are on the one plan and out of contract (or on a 30 day rolling contract) then you WILL be getting one eventually.

    The facts have also been highlighted on Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert back in November when the first letters to One Plan customers began arriving


    There are also some comments in relation to this subject on Three’s own blog page, although the blog entry is several months old the latest replies are all in relation to the latest round of changes which affect existing customers. Hopefully the number of comments and the replies from Three’s own staff will quash any speculation and confirm that it IS going to happen.


    1. Avatar Grant says:

      Your post gives some good info , looking at Martin Lewis’s blog there is mention of this happening from 5th Jan 2015 so I should be receiving a letter quite soon informing me that I will be moved onto another plan or leave if I so wish .

      With that date in mind I would have thought the staff member I spoke to on 23rd December would have been able to confirm this as I asked about this issue specifically thereby quashing any speculation once and for all .

      Like millions of other 3 customers , I will decide what to do when the times comes. Merry Christmas .

  18. Avatar mick says:

    The thing that annoys me is people like spenceruk callig people idiots because they use a lot of data. That is what your entitled to do, the words unlimited data and unlimited tethering should give you a clue. Yes there are ways around this but most of us took out the contract for this reason. Me personally i have 4 contracts with three and have been with them a long time i have a sim only one plan 12months up in november a phoe contract on the one planup in november too and an ipad contract also up in november the 3 of them come to £82 per month and i will be cancelling all 3 so three will lose nearly £1000 per year from me . I also have another contract 24month just taken out in november but only 2gb tethering which did not atter to me as i already have unlimited tethering with my other contract. I am a taxi driver and have a tablet in my car that i use to watch tv movies ant tv series and a lot of youtube hence the reason i wanted unlimited tethering Losing the unlimited tethering will not change my usage of about 100gb or more per month I will still download to my phone then transfer the files to my tablet to use the bigger screen. The point would like to make is i will still use the same amount of data wether i’m tethering or not 100gb is 100gb wethered downloaded on my phone or tethered to my tablet. This will not affect me to much but it will cost three nearly £1000 per month and i a just one customer.

  19. Avatar rich says:


    “There are also some changes to our tethering offering. You’ll hear us talking about Personal Hotspot rather than tethering from now on. With our old plans, using your phone as a Personal Hotspot was only included if you were on The One Plan. So we’re really pleased to let you know that all of our new plans will now include this functionality.

    With our new plans you’ll be able to use all of your data allowance on your Personal Hotspot if you wish, unless you have All-You-Can-Eat data, in which case you can use up to 2GB of this on your Personal Hotspot.

    We feel very strongly that all-you-can-eat data is something we want to continue to be able to offer as many customers as possible. But when that data is used for Personal Hotspots, it can put a strain on our network. We need to protect the network experience for all customers and this is why we’ve taken a decision to put this limit in place.”

  20. Avatar AB says:

    the One Plan is a consumer contract subject to statute. If the sales person didn’t tell you explicitly that unlimited tethering or unlimited data could be removed then 3 are stuffed.

  21. Avatar Jason says:

    The answer to three getting rid of the One Plan (unlimited tethering) is to..

    1) Get another Three unlimited data plan (do not come with unlimited tethering)
    2) get a phone that will allow you to tether using the Treve Mod wifi tether app on android, (1st root the phone).
    3) Use a VPN service, and Three will not know you’re tethering, since all the data that goes through the VPN pipe is encrypted.


    1. Avatar Ann says:

      We are one plan live on boat with a very data hungry son aged 17 into u tube etc devastated by the 3 decision tethering was our saviour you seem very knowledgeable (and I am not )about how to circumnavigate this problem any suggestions would be great. No way can we get cable to the boat. Advice most welcome

    2. Avatar Aaron says:

      Thanks Jason for that advice. I have just received a text from try about the termination of the AYCE on my contract. Can you give more details as to go about masking tethering onto other devices i.e tablet without the cap placed by 3.

  22. Avatar rich says:

    Questions you’ve been asking about our new 24 Month Plans.

    Who does the 2GB Personal Hotspot or “tethering” limit apply to?

    For new customers ONLY who have signed up for a 24 monthly phone contract effective March 18th 2014 with All-you-can-eat data.

    Is there anyway I can keep my unlimited Personal Hotspot or “tethering”?

    Yes. If you are a customer on The One Plan – the only plan that offers unlimited Personal Hotspot – then you will continue to enjoy unlimited tethering for the duration of your current plan.

    At the end of the minimum term of your current contract, you have two options:

    1) Continue on your existing contract on a “rolling” basis, with your existing allowance.

    2) Downgrade to a SIM Only plan which includes All-you-can-eat data with tethering (The One Plan is still available on a SIM only basi

    can anything be done for the people who brought there contracts based on the above info?
    as now they will no longer be getting unlimited teathering

  23. Avatar DANNY WILLIAMS says:



  24. Avatar Luke T says:

    I’ve been a One Plan user for the last 24 months. My minimum contract expired in December, so I’ll be on a rolling contract now.

    I’d love to keep the unlimited tethering, and I’ve not been contacted by Three and told I’ll be forced off the contract, so the single question remains – my current tariff has been about £40 per month (probably because I’ve been paying off the handset), if I leave the rolling contract in place, will I continue to pay the £40, or will it reduce to around £20? (in line with the SIM only contracts)



  25. Avatar three employee, ex says:

    You will continue to paybthebfixed rate. If you want to pay a cheaper price then you have to change. Simple. I have seen customers use well in excess of 150GB a month on the one plan. It is no wonder they have to stop it. As has been stated, you will lose it eventually and you have all the opportunity to upgrade or leave. Some of you act like three owe you something. They provide the service, you owe them. If you don’t like it, find an alternative. Good luck with that though.

    1. Avatar Grant says:

      Well I have never been in that category , not even close however I don’t also fall into tthe 3 owe me something box either.

      It would obviously be great to keep the unlimited tethering however should it eventually be phased out as some are predicting I’m sure people will adapt and survive .

  26. Avatar rich says:

    I see ,because some people have used over 150gb a month on “AN UNLIMITED TETHERING PLAN” they have to stop it,, and all from the network “BUILT FOR THE INTERNET” just goes so show how poor their infrastructure really is

  27. Avatar steve says:

    I’ll download everything to my phone, maybe 400gb , just to prove them wrong. Everyone should do it so they restore unlimited tethering

  28. Avatar Luke T says:

    Thanks for that clarification “three employee, ex”.

    THREE: “I am altering the deal, pray I don’t alter it further”

    I’ve just switched over to one of the new Three tariffs, but on a 1 month rolling sim-only contract.

    The unlimited data still makes Three the best deal in town for me (and 4Gb tethering data is better than nothing), though downgrading their service has jeopardised any sense of loyalty I might have had for them, so I’ll be keeping my options open month by month until something better comes along…

  29. Avatar Helen says:

    Three really had the edge with the phone market, I’ve personally been using Three since 2005 when it was dreadful but cheap at the tune to make calls, had O2 to receive calls. Three then over the time made the packages on offer less and less worthwhile.

    It seems each new tariff that comes from Three is now a lot worse for the end user, so the fact it is dreadful to make and receive phone calls we would set this aside with the aded benefit of unlimited tethering. Other networks who have much better coverage other the same unlimited calls plus texts.

    Having supported Three since 2005 and recommending many friends and work mates to the network, now feeling let down. Absolutely no interest in calling 0800 numbers for free, after all how many do you call a year and now there is usually away to find a normal landline number, same with 0870 numbers etc.

    Give us back unlimited tethering its 2015 press forward with technology not go backwards, even if there was an option to pay slightly more a month.

    This new 2gb cap stopped us upgrading to the new iPhone 6 plus and as a company we would of upgraded all phones currently on three.

    If we lose our unlimited tethering, currently around 50 to 100gb a month, then it’s game over and we will no longer be a Three customer.

    May be Three should as the customers what they want and not the other way around, very disappointed.

    1. Avatar Grant says:

      I agree with you Helen about the 0800 numbers , most people work in an office during the day and have access to landline phone if required ,or can wait till they get home and use their own , even then I can count on one hand the times I’ve needed to use 0800 in the last 2 years or more .

  30. Avatar Graeme says:

    It’s a ridiculous situation where I can’t use my tablet to stream things. I now have to download them on my phone then transfer them over to my tablet. I’m using exactly the same amount of data as before, but now I’m just having to push more buttons and faff around.

    #firstworldproblems I know, but it’s just a bit farcical. Perhaps three should introduce an add-on that gives you unlimited tethering for one specified device… but that would be too “blue sky thinking” or “customer service”.

  31. Avatar Grant says:

    Well since I first enquired via this forum and also with 3 I’ve still yet to hear the dreaded ” Your unlimited tethering is now defunct , you can choose a new plan or leave ” !

    Did anyone else heard anything in January or earlier this month ?

    1. Avatar jammie says:

      what phone are you using?

    2. Avatar Grant says:

      Hi Jammie ,

      I’m currently using an iPhone 5 which is what I got when I joined three Sept 2012 .

      Do you think that makes difference ?

  32. Avatar jammie says:

    hi,i came across your blog while searching google.
    i am very suspicious of THREE . im sure they have modified the OS or built in application, maybe (data usage app) to send them data of your tethering .
    as im not wiling to root yet to investigate.i was wondering if anyone could shed light or point me in the right direction of someone who could more easily achieve a result . there is more to this story !
    am i right in saying that the one plan does not exist any more ?
    well it does for me ! even after my upgrade of phone and being made aware of the end of the one plan towards the end of 2014 .
    im not going to go int loads of detail unless someone is interested . so reach me at mowe14@gmail.con ty

    1. Avatar Grant says:

      Are you saying that they are targeting those who they believe are using excessive date via tethering ?

      I haven’t used mine in while and when I did it was never heavy , so much so that the last chat I had with a rep he questioned me as to why overall data use was so low .

      I explained I tend to use my iPad Air 2 more than my phone for browsing at home as well as the wifi network at my workplace however I still liked the fact I had unlimited tethering should the need arise .

      I know some been very helpful on here and have posted about Three being able to end your contract while offering you the choice to take it or leave it however as I haven’t read the small print I’m not sure iff they are able to do that and if they are then surely they would have exercised that power on those that fell within that scope of either using too much or contracts that were now past the 2 year period .

  33. Avatar Grant says:

    I was contacted by Three’s loyalty team this week with an offer of an upgrade which meant I’d be paying more than I currently am .

    I was waiting for the rep to mention the unlimited tethering ending for those of us on out of contact one plans , he didn’t bring it once until I mentioned it and at no time did he indicate I would be asked to consider and alternative or if I choose leave the network .

    When I explained why I wouldn’t be taking their offer as it would mean me paying another £11per month for less minutes and 2gb of tethering he stated he knew where I was coming from , besides the iPhone 6 is 6 months old in March and we all know they will release yet another model in September .

    If anyone else is contacted about giving up their old one plan please let the rest of us know .

  34. Avatar TomJ says:

    Weird things are happening to me. I bought a new sony phone from 3 and the tethering limit applied…. I was curious as i had explained to the shop staff that i used the phone for exactly that purpose to watch movies on my laptop with my daughter but they failed to tell me about the tethering limit. I sent a series of e-mails to 3 but had no sensible response…. then i cracked the screen on my new sony and went back to my old samsung s3 and a presto the tethering limit no longer operates. I’m back up to using 40 gig + a month…. I figure the old operating systems can’t recognise the tethering limit…. any comments??

    1. Avatar Grant says:

      Hi Tom,

      I can’t answer your particular question and my situation regarding remaining on unlimited tethering remains unchanged since my last post .Maybe someone on this forum may be able to help you but it would seem from what and another have said including my recent updates that the mass culling of those on the old one plan is not happening at the pace that was stated by others in this forum from the info they had received from various other sources including Three themselves .

      The only other conclusion in absence of any other updated info could be that some customers are being treated differently to others .

  35. Avatar TomJ says:

    Bloody voice recognition…. I meant “furious” not “curious” and “hey presto” not “a presto”!

  36. Avatar Don't want to mention my name . says:

    I was contacted by three last year by txt message . When I called them they informed me that I will be forced to move to similar tarif . I didn’t not agree and put my phone down . I was told that my price plan will be changed in jan 2015 but they didn’t change my plan . And up until now I’m still on my old plan paying what I was paying before. Looks like if you don’t agree to move to another tarif or don’t move yourself to other provider they can’t do nothing .

    1. Avatar Grant says:

      Thanks for your update , since I last post I’ve had no contact from 3 .
      Due to what some others have posted I was expecting a call/ text about having to change or leave by at least late January .
      I’m not complaining though as I’d rather remain on my current tarrif !

  37. Avatar Pookie says:

    Have been on one plan for over 2 years and no contact from three so went into their shop yesterday to ask about an upgrade re my phone and got the story about the new tariffs etc. Have a couple of questions for you technically minded people who know more than me
    1. If i want a new phone (currently using samsung s3 mini which is dying) can i just go and buy one and put my existing sim card in it?
    2. If i am forced to change contract – roughly what does 4GB of tethering let me do – i haven’t a clue. I run 3 websites and use facebook a lot and do a fair bit of web browsing on my phone, laptop and tablet and may watch occasional tv prog on iplayer but dont download films.
    i need my phone for tethering as we dont get broadband in our rural location. Previously had phone and dongle which is expensive.

    1. Avatar martyc says:

      if you check your 3 bill it will say at the bottom how much data you use.
      Typically on my mobile i use anything between 8 and 16 gig of month and that’s basically facebook youtube bbc daily mail in a couple of photography websites for a run.

      So obviously for gig on a pc i’m guessing will probably last about 1 week. Of course the only reason for you doing this is so we can charge you £5 per 1 gig tailoring austria for kids run out. After all somebody has to pay for the 3 buyout.

  38. Avatar Graham501 says:

    My one plan contract ends March 28 2015, I rang them yesterday to ask about tethering etc and they said if I stick with my current plan it will just be a rolling 30 day plan and my tethering would be unaffected, if I change anything I will go down to 2gb or 4gb on a sim card plan. So I am sticking to what I have as I just purchased my own phone anyway I use about 60GB a month and don’t want a land line because the download speed is just 2Mb in my location so it would be a much slower service…. I will also add when I joined three I was told they wanted customers like me who used a lot of internet data as it was what three was about, so then to be told now they don’t want me is rather annoying.

  39. Avatar Johnny says:

    I signed upto a 12 month sim only one plan in January ’14. As its now March ’15 i’m on a rolling contract. I have got two letters and a few calls (which i havent answered) from three. The letters say that in the first week of May they will put me on a 200min 1GB ayce text 1 month deal as the One plan deal i am on at the mpment is being phased out. I’m goona wait and see what (if anything) three do.
    Will keep you guys posted what happens in May.

    1. Avatar Shane_b says:

      Anyone heard anymore?
      I’ve had two letters now and refusing to contact them. I’ll just play dumb and say I’ve not received anything. The letters state as of 28/5 I will be moved onto a rolling monthly contract 1gb data and £14 a month. Can they force the change ?

  40. Avatar Grant says:

    Heard from their loyalty team last night , offered me an iPhone 6 64gb which with a monthly plan that was more than what I’m paying just now .

    The strange thing was when I mentioned the obvious unlimited tethering on the one plan , he came out with some random suggestion about me being able to put my current sim in a new phone if I decided to go ahead with their offer .

    I stated if is the case they wouldn’t be calling me about a new a new plan that includes a phone and his explanation just didn’t make any sense !

    Needless to say this option is a non starter for me so I remain on my current out of contract one plan until I hear otherwise .

    Incidentally a friend of mine is also on the one plan and has been out of contract far longer than I , he’s been with them for over 4 years and has not received any contact from 3 about being moved from his current plan.

  41. Avatar Al says:

    I have been a Three customer for 10+ years and never really had any issues….. until 2 weeks ago when my tethering on my 30 day rolling One Plan stopped working.
    I had a 24 month contract on the One Plan that expired in August last year when i changed it to a 30 day rolling contract. I purchased an unlocked LG G3 from amazon in December and all was well until a couple of weeks ago when the tethering stopped working, i contacted 3 and they went through various options to try and get this working again and at no point was i told that unlimited tethering was going to be withdrawn. They haven’t as yet resolved my issue and i’m still waiting for them to call me back!
    Not sure if this is a phone or network issue?
    Has anyone else experienced tethering issues with the G3 or any other phone for that matter?

  42. Avatar ron says:

    My friend still got old contract with one2one from 1998 and no one as ever changed it. shame on you three shame on you..

  43. Avatar ann says:

    Three you have left a bitter taste in my mouth

  44. Avatar pepimax says:

    I got a Hello. We need to speak to you about changes to your plan. Please contact us..
    I phone them they said, I power phrase it for you..(in a thick Indian accent) well Mr Roberts your you been out of contract for 2 years your on a Essential Internet SIM 600 plan and you get 600 Voice minutes
    1 gb of data and 5000 text plus you get 2000 mins of free 3 to 3 voice calls for £12 a month and we like to continue this but your no longer allowed to have the 2000 mins of free 3 to 3 voice calls, WHY NOT ? well Mr Roberts that is no longer part of things here at 3 OK I think you had a good deal ok! for a long time Mr Roberts and now its time to stop ok Mr Roberts, look Mr Roberts I’m about to make you the most wonderful! wonderful! offer how about a Iphone 6 in any colour for just £99 upfront cost then only £38.00 a month yes just £38 with free Free 0800/0808/0500 yes Free 0800/0808/0500 can you believe this Mr Roberts with 600 mins Free calls and All-you-can-eat texts yes 2gb of data on just a 24 month contract I have the phone sent to you Friday which colour would you like, (AT THIS POINT I PUT THE PHONE DOWN)

  45. Avatar Shane_b says:

    Anyone heard anymore?
    I’ve had two letters now and refusing to contact them. I’ll just play dumb and say I’ve not received anything. The letters state as of 28/5 I will be moved onto a rolling monthly contract 1gb data and £14 a month. Can they force the change ?

  46. Avatar jimgb17 says:

    This Change to three Data tethering Has Nothing Three Its the service providers that are forcing them to do this so don’t blame three. Three don’t own the data Head network…

    In fact OFCOM also had a say on this.. i remember three tried to stop it from happening..

  47. Avatar Th3 D3part3d says:

    My 24 month contract with Xperia T and The One Plan (for £26) ended in April 2015. I didn’t get any communications from them. I’ve used about 13-17GB/month. I was on the move a lot with work and personally, and it was convenient than having home broadband, a USB dongle and a phone!

    There have been serious data problems in the city I live since June 2014. Recently data speeds at 7pm are typically 0.1 MB/s (Up and down), making the service unusable. So since hearing about the change I had decided to call it quits with 3.

    It took 36 minutes to leave 3.
    Me: My contract is up and want to give notice to leave
    3: Why?
    Me: I need a new phone, the battery is not holding charge, oh and you’ve got rid of unlimited tethering!!!!!!
    3: Oh but you can stay on the One Plan as long as you dont upgrade
    Me I need a new phone
    3: But you can now phone 0800 numbers for free, use your phone abroad for no extra charge, blah, blah blah
    Me : data tethering of up to 20GB is more important. EE, Vodafone and O2 allow tethering on all their allowances
    3: Yes but how much are they charging??
    Me: It doesn’t matter! They offer me that choice! Just process my cancellation.

    So, 3 offered a service that was very attractive in price. I’m not bothered, just disappointed. O2, Vodafone and EE don’t care what you do with your data allowance, and at least offer a range. 3 doesn’t do that.

    I would have been prepared to pay more for unlimited data with tethering were it not for the capacity issues, but 3 don’t even see interested in increasing it’s network capacity. Instead they’ve gone to cheap gimmicks like free 0800 calls (how often do you call those numbers anyway) & use your phone abroad.

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