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Budget UK ISP Plusnet Launch Fixed Price Broadband Contracts

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 (12:01 am) - Score 2,008
plusnet uk

Low cost ISP Plusnet will today follow TalkTalk’s lead by launching their own range of fixed price broadband and line rental (phone) contracts for residential and small business customers, which means that the price you pay will stay the same for the duration of your minimum contract term.

At the end of a minimum term the provider has also pledged to conduct a personal account review in order to “make sure you’re on the best package to suit you.” On top of that they’ll be adopting Ofcom’s recently proposed contract clarity measures (here), which means customers will be informed – before their contract ends – about any future post-contract price increases etc.

The change isn’t being applied to existing contracts, which means that it will only apply to residential and small business customers who are either signing up to a new contract, re-contracting or changing product. As usual this only affects the broadband and line rental service, which means that extras will still be  subject to price changes while in contract (e.g. call plans, call charge rates, set-up fees, TV, BTSport etc.).

Sadly the new fixed price contracts do not at present extend to Plusnet’s Mobile (4G) plans (note: it’s irrelevant to their 30 day plans) and there are some caveats for those who move house, such as if doing so will take you out of the provider’s “low cost area” (i.e. you’ll have to pay the higher charge for a non-low cost area). Luckily only around 0.9% of UK premises fall outside of the ISP’s low cost area, which reflects Ofcom’s revised market definitions (here).

Existing customers should later this morning be able to find out further details via Plusnet’s My Account page (navigate to ‘Help > My Account > General Account Questions > Fixed Price Contracts‘). Otherwise we believe that their current packages and prices won’t be changing (it’s only the contract policy that’s changing), but we’ll update again later with any additional details.

The move appears designed to counter the success of TalkTalk’s similar Fixed Price Plans, which has helped the ISP return to growth. As such TalkTalk might soon need to change this statement on their website: “We’re the only major provider to 100% guarantee that the broadband price quoted will stay the same throughout your Fixed Low Price Plan. Even if our costs go up we won’t pass them on to you.”

On the other hand TalkTalk already goes one further by promising to offer those looking to re-contract “the same great deals as new customers.” First Utility has also waged into a similar field by pledging that at the end of your contract term “we’ll not increase your monthly charge,” although it’s unclear whether Plusnet will do the same.

In any case this is a positive development for consumers, although many believe that fixed price contracts should be the market norm rather than the exception. Perhaps with time it will be.

UPDATE 7:55am

As expected, other than the new fixed price contracts, it looks like Plusnet’s latest package offers for home users are broadly unchanged. As before new customers can expect to receive an included wireless router, phone line rental, parental controls (network-level filtering) and UK-based customer support.

A number of UK calling add-ons are also available (e.g. anytime calls), albeit at extra cost, and if you need a new phone line installed at your property there’s a £49.99 one-off installation charge.

Unlimited (10Mbps Average Download)
Price: £19.99 per month for 18 months (£29.98 thereafter) + £5 Activation
Bonus: £50 Cashback

Unlimited Fibre (36Mbps Average Download)
Price: £23.99 per month for 18 months (£34.98 thereafter) + Free Activation

Unlimited Fibre Extra (66Mbps Average Download)
Price: £28.99 per month for 18 months (£39.98 thereafter) + Free Activation

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Mark Jackson
By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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14 Responses
  1. Rachel

    wouldn’t touch plusnet with a barge poll.

    Zero issues on my line, yet latency and lags are horrendous which causes slow and unreliable broadband. Been with them for 6 months, nothing has changed.

    • Gregory

      A lot of issues with adsl2 lines are a problem with the copper cables particularly on long lines you need to look at the line stats if line attenuation shows 60 or more you are are on a long line you need to keep any eye on how long you are connected if you keep getting dropouts to your line ask Plusnet to analyse your line.

    • Simon

      So you did actually touch them just without a bargepole?


    • Alx b

      its hard to find any broadband supplier, without major problems I had the same problem with post office . but I joined Plusnet for the fibre connection admittedly very customer service hotline is a nightmare but all in all they are quite flexible but I do like this hyper optic deal which I will deafly consider them sort of prices ,But remember any supplier if you’re not a fixed term price any time they decide to put their prices up you have the option to negotiate a better deal a lot of people forget that

  2. Kits

    Nothingrs out of contract and still was on the same price for whole of my contract, now 2 years out of contract and still fixed at the same price. If the price goes down I can request the change to lower price but sets a new contract. The best part if price goes up I still pay the same as I did in contract.

    • Curious

      If you’re not in contract, they can increase your price as much as they like, by giving you fair warning. They are not bound to keep giving you a low price. If anything, you’re worse off not being in contract for price increases.

  3. Simon

    But talktalk put their prices up during their 18 month fixed contracts..

    • The provider can still put their prices up, but it shouldn’t affect those on a fixed price contract (not all of TalkTalk’s users are one this yet) until they end their term.

    • Avaya

      Sneaky TalkTalk have a subtle clause in their fixed plans, it states that “boosts” are not immune to price increases during the contract length. This includes the unlimited UK calls boost which has had two price increases already this year.

    • occasionally factual

      Plusnet’s fixed only applies to line rental and broadband cost. All other elements (call costs, TV,etc) are able to increase during the fixed contract.

  4. Gregory

    You have to negotiate with your isp if you are out of contract, to get the best price just compare it with the competition, if they want you as a customer they will negotiate Plusnet have, you just have to say I am thinking of leaving all the best deals are online but weigh up the total cost of the contract including incentives and connection costs then devide the length of the contract to find out your monthly cost.

  5. Skyrocket

    Mine was fixed price until October 2019 with Unlimited Fibre Extra with Line Only at £26.99 a month (discount of £12.99 off for 18 months) 🙂

  6. Skyrocket

    I never had any issues with PN since 2014. The only affect my line is controlled by Openreach DLM on it.


    Downstream Upstream
    Line attenuation (dB): 11.3 0.0
    Signal attenuation (dB): Not available on VDSL2
    Connection speed (kbps): 79999 19999
    SNR margin (dB): 5.9 13.9
    Power (dBm): 12.4 1.3
    Interleave depth: 8 1
    INP: 48.00 0
    G.INP: Enabled Not enabled

    Now ongoing:

    Downstream Upstream
    Line attenuation (dB): 11.9 0.0
    Signal attenuation (dB): Not available on VDSL2
    Connection speed (kbps): 78461 19999
    SNR margin (dB): 6.4 14.9
    Power (dBm): 12.4 0.9
    Interleave depth: 8 1
    INP: 49.00 0
    G.INP: Enabled Not enabled

  7. CarlT

    Good to have options at the high and lower end of the market for people to choose from.

    Personally they don’t interest me but they’re clearly a great fit for many 🙂

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