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ISP Zen Internet Reduces UK FTTP Ultrafast Broadband Prices

Thursday, June 13th, 2019 (11:27 am) - Score 5,222

Rochdale-based UK ISP Zen Internet has informed us that they’ve discounted the price of their standalone “full fibre” (FTTP) based superfast and ultrafast broadband packages, which offer average download speeds of up to 300Mbps (45Mbps upload); slower and cheaper plans are also available.

The packages are also supported by Zen’s new Lifetime Price Guarantee, which they say guarantees no price rises for as long as a customer stays with them. Should the same package decrease in price, existing customers will be able to avail of the new price, too (note: existing customers can sign-up to the new deals once their current contract expires).

As usual all of the packages include “truly unlimited” usage, a good quality wireless router (FRITZ!Box), a Static IP address and they’ve now removed their 12 month minimum contract terms in favour of a longer 18 month term (likely to help support the new price discounts). A one-off £55 activation fee also applies to all of the packages below.

Richard Tang, Founder & Chairman of Zen, said:

“When customers choose a broadband provider, they want a great service, competitive prices and to be rewarded for their loyalty. These revised prices aim to bring all this together by offering a value for money service that will entice customers to remain with us for years to come.”

One small thing to be aware of here is that Zen’s main website only shows their ADSL, FTTC and G.fast (Openreach network) based broadband packages to the public, which means that you’ll only see their Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) services after you’ve run through the availability checker. Another issue is that you have to phone them in order to place an order for these packages (this can discourage people).

Unlimited Full Fibre 1 (38Mbps / 9Mbps)

PRICE (inc. Phone Line): £44.99 per month

PRICE (Broadband Only): £34.99 per month

Unlimited Full Fibre 2 (76Mbps / 18Mbps)

PRICE (inc. Phone Line): £49 per month

PRICE (Broadband Only): £38.99 per month

Unlimited Full Fibre 3 (150Mbps / 27Mbps)

PRICE (inc. Phone Line): £59.99 per month

PRICE (Broadband Only): £49.99 per month

Unlimited Full Fibre 4 (300Mbps / 45Mbps)

PRICE (inc. Phone Line): £70 per month

PRICE (Broadband Only): £59.99 per month

One other oddity that we noticed concerns Zen’s description of how the phone service is applied. On the top Full Fibre 3/4 packages those who select the ‘broadband only’ option are told “you don’t need to have a phone line installed,” but if you do the same for Full Fibre 1/2 then it says “you must have a phone line installed to receive broadband from Zen.” We’ve asked Zen to clarify why they’re different.

We should remind readers that at present Openreach’s full fibre network is only available to 1.2 million UK premises, although they aim to cover 4 million by March 2021 and 15 million by around 2025.

UPDATE 15:51pm

Zen are in the process of correcting some of the issues we’ve raised above and we note that the discounted price for Full Fibre 1/2 (broadband only) is now correctly showing as being the new standard price (not a 12 month reduction as it was before – we’ve tweaked the above report accordingly).

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18 Responses
  1. Avatar Simon Heather says:

    When I enter my postcode I see higher prices for the FTTP Unlimited Full Fibre 3 and 4 packages:

    Business Full Fibre 3 (Broadband Only): £46.50+vat (£55.80)
    Business Full Fibre 4 (Broadband Only): £70+vat (£84)

    1. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      The above are consumer (home) prices, not the business options.

  2. Avatar Oliver says:

    I imagine the discrepancy between 1/2 and 3/4 is because the 1/2 packages are also sold to VDSL customers who do need to have a phone line installed. They need to tidy up the page so it is specific to FTTH.

    1. Avatar Euan says:

      That is indeed the case – I’m just off the phone to Zen having queried this, and having also requested a) cancellation of my now-confirmed-obsolete phone line and b) regrade of my FTTP package from 150/30 to 300/50 for not-a-lot-more than I was already paying 🙂

  3. Avatar curious says:

    Does the price guarantee only apply to the broadband part of the equation or the line rental also? (IE the whole package)
    When you select a package from them (IE phone line and broadband) it prices the line rental and broadband out separately.
    As seen here…

    Is their price guarantee genuine or is it a sly way to snag you in and instead of increasing the broadband part (IE the £22 part in the screenie) they increase (or could increase) the line rental part (IE the £16.99) instead?

    1. Mark Jackson Mark Jackson says:

      So far as I’m aware it applies to both the broadband and line rental (standard rentals), but obviously this doesn’t affect the cost of calls (payg charges) or any optional add-ons etc.

    2. Avatar curious says:

      Think i may have found my answer on their phone line rental pages…
      Which also mentions that is £16.99 (just as it details in my screen grab) but this time if you look at the link on the left it says that £16.99 is only “Fixed price until 2020”

      A bit naughty of them if people are taking a package of broadband and phone on pages splash with a no price rise promise only to find the line rental of part of the phone side of things is likely to go up next year.

      Would be nice if Zen could confirm or deny. I hope they are not going they way of some bigger players with what they think is cleverly worded ‘promises’ which turn out to be nothing of the sort but nobody looks in detail at until too late.

  4. Avatar Andrew S @ Zen says:

    I can confirm the price guarantee is for the package not just the broadband element.

    1. Avatar curious says:

      Would you/your company be willing to put that in writing/email if i were to order from you?

  5. Avatar Billy says:

    I would have gone with Zen, but the having to telephone them was the deal breaker.
    I instead went with Cerberus, who did the whole thing online with no verbalness required.

    1. Avatar Bob says:

      Zen don’t require you to have a phone line with them or anyone else.

    2. Avatar Billy says:

      Not what I said.

    3. Avatar curious says:

      @Bob He means for some addresses you feed the checker on zens site instead of it allowing you to order online it tells you to call/phone them. Can happen even if you feed it a postcode and a phone number for some broadband packages.

      A little annoying maybe but in that regard personally i would not see it as an issue if i wanted to go with them. I would also guess they may be able to handle the order over live chat.

    4. Avatar John says:

      Why should phoning them be a dealbreaker? When I went with Zen I found myself talking to a named and technically competent manager who took ownership of every aspect of moving my telephony service, kept me fully informed all the way and checked I was happy when the FTTP went live. You won’t get that with online form filling.

    5. Avatar Billy says:

      I don’t have a phone because I’m hard of hearing and consequently find using a phone difficult and frustrating. Luckily I was taught to read and write before I left school, and find this to be a far better method of communication with no repeating and no shouting involved.

  6. Avatar jason says:

    br4n is the right provider this is how every isp should be £30 for the right speed and everything no this other bullshit.

    1. Avatar CarlT says:

      B4RN cannot work in urban and suburban areas.

  7. Avatar Leco says:

    Does anyone know if any Home ISPs provide a lower line rental for GEA FTTP 40/10, where GEA FTTC 40/10 is not available (i.e. Fibre only – no copper), due to its regulated pricing (https://www.openreach.co.uk/orpg/home/products/pricing/loadProductPriceDetails.do?data=M80QNeH46o4g6JKGD604vTypQOKfNn%2Beo6vmoVhAOBZZ6rNZujnCs99NbIKJZPD9hXYmiijxH6wrCQm97GZMyQ%3D%3D), as the ISPs will pay less to Openreach?

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