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Three UK Discounts 4G and 5G Unlimited Data SIM Plan to £10

Thursday, December 12th, 2019 (7:33 am) - Score 15,217

Mobile operator Three UK has this week discounted their 4G and future 5G based unlimited calls, texts and data (mobile broadband) SIM-Only plan for new customers to just £10 per month for the first 6 months of service (£20 thereafter). The catch is that you’ll have to take it alongside a long 24 month contract term.

As usual this plan includes Personal Hotspot (Tethering) support, Go Roam (roaming round the world in 71 destinations, at no extra cost) and Go Binge (unlimited music and video streaming for users of Netflix, TV Player, Soundcloud, Deezer, Apple Music and Snapchat). The plan also allows you to use 5G at no extra cost (i.e. once they launch the mobile service in early 2020).

Alternatively Three UK also offers their dedicated Home-Fi based mobile broadband package with similar features (excluding calls and texts) and a bundled Huawei B535 router for a flat £20 per month charge (without the 6 month discount).

Just remember that there are a couple of caveats to the unlimited data plans. Firstly, it doesn’t apply to roaming and is instead capped at 19GB (GigaBytes) in EU roaming destinations and 12GB in the other world locations they support via ‘Go Roam Around the World‘ (this is similar to other mobile operators). You also can’t use your phone as a Personal Hotspot outside of the EU’s free roaming zone.

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  1. Avatar Holly

    Struggle to get more than about 8 on Three around here (South East) so we use Voxi in a router – it’s also 5G and it’s more expensive yes at £30 a month but theres no contract and it’s doing about 225/130 which is excellent for now.

    Word is Three’s 5G is not so good – the BBC tested it recently and this is with very few people on it – I know they will mature and that takes several years as will all the networks.

    • At present Three’s 5G network is only available on their Three Broadband sibling (formerly Relish Wireless). The full 5G mobile launch is expected early next year.

    • Avatar Fabrizio

      Same here I got fooled in a 24 months contract at £18 back in September the connection is atrocious so much so I had to invest in a dual wan which load balance with a cheap adsl comnection ( £10.50 ) the pings and jitters are high and I only get 120mb late at night with a category 20 Netgear modem but usually it’s 40mb but it waivers telling me there isn’t any backhaul. Popped a Voxi when it went unlimited like you did and what difference low pings and jitters (VoIP line works properly) I get a solid 150/60 and it’s a busy area so that made up my mind as I’ll invest in a Huawei 5g router in the new year and use the Netgear modem as a hotspot so the Three sim won’t go to waste. After the outage I left three for my mobile to honest mobile with which you can piggy back on EE, O2 or three. Three have lost me they promise a lot but deliver very little in dense urban areas.

    • Avatar Fabrizio

      Sorry meant to write it waivers between 40mb to 1mb, thankfully the adsl keeps it steady.

  2. Avatar Jay

    Would be such a good deal if I could actually use the network in and around London. Last speed test I did on a free data sim I got to test the network was 0.5mb.

  3. Avatar Mike

    I keep hearing that operators can no longer dictate how a customer uses their sim.
    In other words there is nothing stopping someone from buying an unlimited data sim with minutes, calls, and texts and sticking it in a router or phone as and when required.
    So why are the operators still pricing their mobile broadband or data only sims differently to their three in one sims (data, minutes, and tests)..

    • It’s possible there might be some differences in more subtle ways, such as IP address control and filtering (parental controls etc.), although I suspect it’s now more about consumer perception and levels of usage.

      In that sense a customer who takes out a dedicated mobile broadband plan will be more likely to gobble all of their data than somebody taking a regular mobile plan. But I do agree that the lines are now very blurred.

    • Avatar Iain

      It’s absurd, isn’t it?

      I bought a Vodafone GigaCube, because my DSL connection had frustrating problems. Vodafone charge £30/month for £100 data (0 minutes, 0 texts) on the corresponding data plan. So I cancelled that, because their own Voxi brand offer unlimited data (and minutes and texts) for the same price.

      Three are even better value, obviously, except I don’t get reception…

    • Avatar Iain

      * I meant 100GB data, not £100 data!

  4. Avatar mike

    Worse than their pre-Black Friday and Black Friday deals which were £10 for 6 months, then £20 per month. 12 month contract.

    • Avatar David

      That’s the whole idea of Black Friday deals.

    • Avatar mike

      They had it before Black Friday. And they had it before that. And before that. The point is they’ve made it worse.

    • Avatar Kris

      Prices always go up before they go back down (in the January sales…)

    • Avatar mike

      The price is the same. They’ve doubled the length of the contract. I don’t believe they’ve ever done that before.

      The old normal price was simply £20/month for 12 months. TCO £240.

      Recent offers were 6 months for £10/month then 6 months for £20/month. TCO £180.

      Now it’s 6 months for £10/month then 18 months for £20/month. TCO £420.

      That’s a big hike.

  5. Avatar Simon

    Why is three still advertising 5g mobile network when they dont even have a 5g mobile network. Surely they need to be taken to the avertising standards office, they have berm heavily promotimg their 5g mobile network when actually it doesnt exist. Only in their imagination. Yes it may arrive next year at some stage but then they said it would arrive this year? Who knows.

  6. Avatar Tony cardall

    I have a three mobile unlimited broaband sim.I’ve tried 3 different mobile wifi dongles ,a huawei router and an outdoor 4g aerial and their signal is abysmal.I’m lucky to get 4mbps on a good day.

  7. Avatar Mike

    I’d rather wait and see who provides 5G in my area first than gamble it will be 3 and risk being locked in for ages, 24 months is a long time in this market.

  8. Avatar Yorkiebar99

    I would feel way too tied on a 24 month sim only plan. It’s a very competitive section of the market and that flexibility will be useful to a lot of people.

  9. Avatar Lodge

    It works well in Rural Oxfordshire where openreach FTTC is slow and Gigaclear is expensive !

  10. Avatar Markdvdman

    I am on Three Unlimited contract. Not sim only. The speed in Wales where I am is excellent on 4G. Can hit 80meg down and up to 50meg up. Now and again it goes a little poor but usually it is fine and you can tether unlimited!!!

    I have been with them years and all these so called others offering unlimited data are all with caveats, or ridiculous prices! three all the way for me!

    • Avatar Andrew Bate

      Your lucky, live in Plymouth, on unlimited everything sim and use as hotspot. Lucky if I get 1 Mbps.Have had 8 Mbps once but usually ranges between 0.15 and 2.8 mbps. Now TV requires 2.5 Mbps, so watch a lot of blurred films and series. 12 month contract ends in January, so will be leaving then. Also went to Shropshire,sent text to mate to let him no I’d be there in half hour. He rang to say he’d got it 18 hrs later after I’d met with him. 3 is crap…

    • Avatar Mike

      3 isn’t very good usually in cities, I’d stick to EE in there.

    • Avatar Leex

      Main problem is lack of LTE+ (G4+) upgrade especially if its a old t-mobile/3 share mast

      When I get CA (carrier aggregation) it typically flys along quite well but there are to many places where its only 4g and god save you if you end up on 4g800 without CA

      Where as ee or Vodafone/o2 don’t norm Have problem

      especially o2 and Vodafone as they support active data session signal change so it can quite happily go from 3g back to 4g/5g even if your say streaming live video, ee and 3 you have to stop using data for about 5-10 seconds to let the connection go idle for it go step back up to 4g (worse on 3 as there setup is 4g800 > 3g > 4g fast/ca)

  11. Avatar Lan maro

    3g three network is rubbish don’t waste your hard earned cash

  12. Avatar Dom

    Where I live and work Three works very well. I get speed between 50-100mbps down.
    I’ve had months where I transferred nearly 200GB constantly watching 1440p and 4K YouTube and doing some tethering to my laptop at work.
    I’m currently on that 24months contract with 6months half price and I hope I won’t regret it at some point…

  13. Avatar Brian

    I’d be very reluctant to get tied in for 24 months with them, as you’d be stuffed if they reconfigure there network boosting signals elsewhere at your expense. Had to wait to get out of 12 months contract, after I went from strong 3G and 4G, to virtually no 3G and intermittent 4G with only VoLTE off on transmitter, so basically unable to make phone calls.

  14. Avatar James

    Love my three home broadband. I use an external aerial in it in my loft. Get 15mb connection where the local BT BB only achieves a 4mb connection.
    It’s also cheap and I do t have to pay for a phone line.

    • Avatar Tom

      Curious what aerial you use? I got my parents 3 home broadband and it’s okay but they’re on the edge of the signal area so a loft antenna would probably do some good. I used a cheap one off eBay which actually made it worse previously.

    • Avatar Mike


      Use mastdata site to find your nearest mast, then get a Ponyting antenna like the XPOL2 and point in that direction, if the mast is really far away then try a dual Yagi antenna setup instead.

  15. Avatar Rob

    Before committing to an operator I try their service with a PAYG SIM. I get similar speeds of @35m download on all the networks (note 3UK 3g is just fast as 4g).
    My colleague in the NE has dreadful EE service and is switching to O2. In south Wales VF/O2 is also popular.

  16. Avatar Vince

    You mean “Three has put the offer back as it was just before Black Friday, when they upped it to £21 a month with no 6 month discount, then dropped it to £20 with no discount for Black Friday, then afterwards put it back to the pre-BF deal of £20 with 6 months half price…”

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