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Three UK Launch “Supercharged” PAYG with £20 Unlimited Data

Friday, April 17th, 2020 (12:01 am) - Score 18,562
three uk mobile broadband

Mobile operator Three UK will today launch a new “Supercharged” Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) SIM plan with an Unlimited Data Pack, which it claims will give “customers endless data, calls and texts” for just £20 (usually £30). Customers will also be able to control, track and flex their spend via a new Three App.

Apparently new customers, including those who have recently joined since 12th March 2020, will be able to purchase the Unlimited Data Pack for £20 via the new app or website from today, and will also be able to unlock up to five further – “auto-renew” – unlimited months at £20 (£30 thereafter). In our view this is more of a monthly contract than a true PAYG plan, but that seems to be the way of things today.

No mobile broadband speed limits apply and indeed it seems as if the new PAYG SIM will work on both their existing 4G and new 5G mobile network. At the time of writing the final details weren’t available via Three’s website, but we’ll check again later this morning.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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30 Responses
  1. SimonM says:

    Isn’t this effectively just “six months of unlimited for £20 per month”, and then the “normally £30” each month once those initial six months are up?

    1. Antwan says:

      Yes it is. Better change the title.

    2. Niki says:

      Who is doing the voice thinker in the advert?

    3. David Clapperton says:

      You are not committed to a contract that you are forced to pay every month for 12 or 24 months, because it’s not a contract. You can stop paying for it and remove the sim from your phone tablet or mifi device whenever you like without penalty. You’ve not failed to pay full value of a contract, nor do yku have to give three any notice to cancel your contract.

  2. mike says:

    Isn’t this effectively just “six months of unlimited for £20 per month”, and then the “normally £30” each month once those initial six months are up?

  3. Gareth says:

    Seems good until you read it just for 6 months!!! Plus their new £20 40GB tariff is half what giffgaff are offering :-/

  4. Buggerlugz says:

    Trust me from experience. There is absolutely nothing “supercharged” about Three’s data delivery. The only thing that is supercharged with them is their PR team.

    1. Gareth says:


    2. Fabrizio says:

      I can only concur, awful latency and jitter even with a category 20 LTE router, wavering speed. Cheap and cheerful 😉

    3. Craig says:

      Buddy my speeds gone from 80meg to 3meg since November 2019 complained to them 20 times nothing ever get sorted the only main reason me staying with three only paying them £2 a month kept on asking for a price reduction unlimited data with 600 minutes sim only deal.

    4. Leex says:

      They need to get more carrier aggregation up(more lte+/4g+)

      EE/3 and are very slow at doing this (Vodafone are very aggressive at CA in my area any, even band 20 with ca is very usable probably because its also using 2100 and 1800 as well in the ca witch my phone doesn’t show when ca is used it only shows the primary channel connected to even with Ca) 3 on the other hand at this spot I am parked at right now no ca so streaming is difficult above 480 as I am getting under 2mb/s (if I move 200 meters forward ish I get CA and get over 20mb speeds) ee in some places has no ca but due to the amount of frequency space they have seems to be less a problem

      O2 unsure of as I have only ever used giffgaff that uses O2 but unfortunately giffgaff gets lowest speed data QOS priority of any NVMO on O2, O2 pay as you go and contract get higher data QOS priority then other NVMO in there network

  5. Buggerlugz says:

    Cheerful????? really???

    1. Fabrizio says:

      I was being ironic 😉

  6. Name says:

    I would recommend checking real network speed in your area first.

  7. Craig says:

    Pay the extra with EE they are doing sim unlimited everything for £34 with the ebay 20 percent discount code 99p taking your monthly payment to £27 better speeds and customer service.

    Currently on three speeds are whack custoemr service are like robots on repeat.

    1. Leex says:

      I have to agree if you don’t have CA three network can be really bad (lte+/4g+ if your phone shows it, as some phones or all iphones don’t show 4g+ when your on lte+ witch is CA)

      I have same problem at 3 locations where ca is not available and get under 2-5mb/s (lower is more typical) but in ca enabled areas 3 flys along

  8. Pavel says:

    So far so good .works fine for me and I would like to transfer my number from contract to this new payg

  9. John says:

    Three network avoid customer service AWFUL will pass the blame on your dodgy sim card *had this replaced 4 times* reboot your phone reset your phone yeah right.
    My phone works perfect with EE sim (3 customer service says no sir your phone is faulty.)lol
    My response is no sir my phone works fine its the three network oversubscribed perhaps upgrading your network to meet the demand.
    Customer service says your phone has a faulty signal chip three network works fine from my end. Lol
    My response but your in india.

    Chat ended and back to square one with these useless clowns.

  10. Karen says:

    Who is the voice actor in the new thinker advert

  11. Neil says:

    anyone having issues with their payg data sims? 2 of mine have stopped working when trying to connect to gambling sites i regularly access. Been using these for years , via mifi. To be fair their customer support wasn’t bad, tried a few things but still cannot connect.
    Live in Havering , Essex area, though they say coverage is not the issue. Have sent me 2 new SIms butI don’t hold much hope this will resolve it!
    Any suggestions / similar experience? thoughts welcome .

  12. richard yull says:

    where do ppl get originally £3pm payg…. im on 3 payg and unlimited is £35 expires after 30 days . unless you go pay monthly you have to pay through the nose for the same data etc . bulls#@t

  13. Donald says:

    New Harbour is totally misleading it leaves you to think that pay-as-you-go is £20 unlimited data Jokers people will leave them in droves now service is gone right down hill £35 a month pay as you go for unlimited disgusting

  14. Shohid says:

    I got a super charged sim and there was no option for truly unlimited 20 p.m

  15. Sid says:

    It’s quite an achievement, but the app is even worse than the one for regular PAYG – you have to type your phone number over the words “Memorised it yet?” & if you choose to log in via email it tells you that your email address & password are invalid before you’ve even finished typing them. I can only assume that Three Mobile use the same software company that was responsible for the government’s COVID-19 track and trace app.

  16. Pauline says:

    When does the supercharged data packs run out

  17. Marcus says:

    Well it seemed like a good deal for the one month it actually worked anyway.

    Currently in Three customer ‘service’ hell. “The offer expired on the 12th.” “Yep. Signed up on the 11th.” “You didn’t set up autorenew.” “Here’s the email confirmation that I did.” “We’re not offering those deals anymore.” “Your advert specifically stated 5 months autorenew for Unlimited at £20 per month. Here’s the web link.” Style of thing…

    Basically, they’re lying scum bags counting on the fact most people won’t pester them for two hours straight necessary to actually get them to honour the deals they offer. (Still waiting, we’ll see…)

    Avoid like the plague. Ha.

  18. Michelle jo says:

    I have the three unlimited pay as you go sim. I’m paid until September 21 2020 but they sent me a text today (Aug 31) saying I’ve used up my unlimited service and I need to buy more! How the hell do you used up unlimited service. I can’t get through to their customer service team. I tried their live chat and waited over 40 minutes to be told we will fix this and then I was immediately disconnected. The team member didn’t ask me any information so how will they fix this? The other two times I got through it said 200 people are in the que before me and it just disconnected me. Now it says no one is available try back later. I can’t call them because they turned off my calls and text service as well as days. I don’t have WiFi or a home phone. I do everything with my mobile. I have a very serious medical condition and I can’t even call 999 because it says I have no credit. Do not use three under any circumstances. I only ever get one bar and if I go into my kitchen or living room it goes to 3G so it’s useless downstairs.

    1. Jay says:

      I have exactly the same issue saying ive no call credit on an unlimited calls plan ! 202 people before me in the queue. 4 hours of my time wasted as ‘system unavailable’ when it got to my time. I eventually rang a uk number 08000338013 and spoke to a nice man who transferred me to payg team only to be told they are having tEchnical issues With the supercharged sims and then tried to sell me another sim. I said why would i want to do that! He then said try the sim again in 2 hours, still not working. My frustration is through the roof, They are diabolical.. i have now ordered a giffgaff sim. God help the elderly and vulnerable

  19. Allan Donnelly says:

    30 day Unlimited is not 30 day unlimited on 3 Pay as you go. Paid £30 and data was turned off on day 6. Beware….

  20. Radu Andrei Ioan Schiopu says:

    How do I activate without the app?

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