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Vodafone UK Discounts FTTP and FTTC Home Broadband Plans

Saturday, October 17th, 2020 (7:20 am) - Score 10,392

Mobile operator and ISP Vodafone has just introduced a number of discounts to their FTTC (Superfast) and FTTP (Gigafast – Openreach and Cityfibre) based broadband packages, which reduces the monthly price on their superfast plans and offers several months of free service on their gigafast options.

As usual customers can expect to receive a reasonable wireless broadband router, unlimited usage and will be locked to a 24-month minimum contract term. The option to add both an Apple 4K TV with a 1 year Apple TV subscription and unlimited anytime calls, albeit at an extra monthly cost of +£8, also exists on some of these packages.

In summary, the Superfast (FTTC) packages have seen a c.£1 reduction in their monthly price, while the Gigafast (FTTP) packages now come with a mix of either 3 months or 6 months of free service. We should point out that the Gigafast 900Mbps bundle with Apple 4K TV is also offering the first 6 months of service for free, which is a big saving of £378 on an already low price.

Superfast 1 (35Mbps FTTC)
£22 a month for 24 months
(£20 if you have Voda Pay Monthly Mobile)

Superfast 2 (63Mbps FTTC)
£23.50 a month for 24 months
(£21.50 if you have Voda Pay Monthly Mobile)

Gigafast 100Mbps
£28 a month for 24 months – First 3 Months FREE

Gigafast 200Mbps
£35 a month for 24 months – First 3 Months FREE

Gigafast 500Mbps
£45 a month for 24 months – First 6 Months FREE

Gigafast 900Mbps
£55 a month for 24 months – First 6 Months FREE

Apparently these “Autumn Sale” offers will end on 19th November 2020.

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28 Responses
  1. Avatar Brian Honor says:

    Until Vodafone start using a decent router i would avoid. Cheap and nasty router and customer service is so poor !


    1. Avatar James White says:

      It is an extra cost, but bring your own modem and you’re free to use your own router. Or get a DSL modem/router combo with an offering from someone like Netgear, ASUS etc. Vodafone will provide the PPPoE information needed, so you can do this.

      Most ISPs provide the bear minimum in terms of router/modem combo hardware. I wouldn’t say Vodafone is exceptionally different here to others

    2. Avatar cdh1981 says:

      Their GigaFast support is a different team to the FTTC one and UK based, and they are excellent.

    3. Avatar TrueFibre says:

      I couldn’t agree more but you can use your own. I a DrayTek Vigor 2762 in Bridge Mode for my Router it’s a TP-Link C5400 v2 it’s works absolutely fine no problem. But the Vodafone WiFi Hub is so cheap and tacky and the Performance is just awful. For your equipment you need your PPPoE username and password.

    4. Avatar James White says:

      I use a DrayTek Vigor 130. Which is modem only and bridge mode is preconfigured on the Superfast 2 FTTC package, I can’t quite get 80 Mbps, but with some SNR tweaking, pushed it to 71 mbps in a stable fashion, so getting more than the quoted average 63 mbps, thanks to modem tweaks.

      Can’t vouch for their support, but as its a backup line and already taking advantage of the £125 cashback offer. Its not exactly bad!

  2. Avatar Buggerlugz says:

    Got to say, if you’re prepared to purchase your own router its competitive pricing. (Not that you should have too considering the annual spend.)

    1. Avatar MikeC says:

      I’d urge everyone to use their own router. I don’t know of any isp who offer a decent router

    2. Avatar Steven says:

      TalkTalk’s Wifi Hub is pretty good for a ISP supplied router.

  3. Avatar John says:

    I’d quite like this deal. But I’m in a strange position. I put my postcode in BT’s broadband availability checker, and it says Fibre 1 or 2 available.

    I do the same in Vodafones and is says nothing available at my address. I thought at first they were perhaps a little slow updating, but its been a few weeks now.

    1. Avatar Matthew says:

      At moment Vodafone are only doing FTTP over openreach in certain areas.

    2. Avatar John says:

      Its probably not that Mathew, as all the other ISPs Ive checked are the same. And until recently BT’s own website said ADSL only. So either BT have finally upgraded the exchange, or they are lying to sell ADSL at fibre prices.

    3. Avatar Matthew says:

      Have u tried putting your address into BTwholesale checker? that will say one way or another if your area has been upgraded.

    4. Avatar NE555 says:

      BT’s “Fibre 1” and “Fibre 2” products are FTTC, in FTTC-only areas. But if there is Openreach FTTP available at your property then the same products are FTTP (even if FTTC is also available).

      Then there’s “Fibre Essential”, which is always FTTC, even if you have FTTC+FTTP available – except for properties where there is FTTP and no copper, in which case it’s FTTP.

      Not confusing at all.

      If you have FTTC+FTTP available, then the Fibre 1/2 products may still use the copper for the voice service, or you might get digital voice, depending on what they feel like at the time.

    5. Avatar John says:

      Fibre Essentials can be over FTTP in areas with both FTTC/FTTP if the estimates are below SuperFast.

  4. Avatar Michael V says:

    Been with Vodafone fibre for some years.
    I’ve got the Superfast 2 plan for £21.95!
    Great service & the best router I’ve had when compared to other ISPs.
    Had that larger router since April when moved from 1 to Plan 2. It’s better than the one they gave with Superfast 1 a few years ago.
    It’s good to have an ISP who don’t force an xtra £18 on us for line rental.
    [Like BT & Sky, but it’s been some time since I’ve even looked on their site]

  5. Avatar John says:

    The one on https://www.openreach.com/fibre-broadband


    “We’re not quite there yet
    We don’t have plans to upgrade your area yet. But we’re working with Government and industry to change that.”

    The one you named says “We are sorry but the checker is unavailable at the moment. Please try again later.”

    1. Avatar John says:

      Hold on. I’ve tried with a different browser. BT not compatible with Chrome lol.

      VDSL Range A Clean

      Downstream line rate: High: 80 Low: 72
      Upstream line rate: High: 20 Low: 19
      Downstream handback threshold: 65.5
      WBC FTTC availability date: Planned
      WBC SOGEA availability date: Planned

  6. Avatar Guy Cashmore says:

    Strange, the VF FTTP pages in the link above appear to be offering symmetrical speeds? Over OR?

    1. Avatar John says:

      No, that’s over CityFibre infrastructure.

  7. Avatar RSC says:

    ‘Customer service’ joint worse to deal with with Sky. Truly awful. Avoid like COVID!

  8. Avatar Karen says:

    I’m with EE and not happy as speeds go up and down like a yoyo, more down though, the area I’m in gets a max of 35 download but in reality that never materialises, as the max I’ve ever seen is 27 and that’s for about 10mins, then back down it goes to it’s usual of 14 or 15, no amount of tweaking, resetting, or engineers have come out, replacing the router have changed a thing, the only thing that has changed is my monthly bill, up to £44 a month from £31, with no notification at all!!!
    So I’ve just switched to Vodafone as heard they’re really good around my area, am now hoping they are after reading the replies here

  9. Avatar DrFunk says:

    Nothing but good things to say about Vodafone Gigafast (via CityFibre in Milton Keynes). Rock solid symmetrical 500/500 broadband and a good UK based customer service call centre. The router is no better or worse than others I’ve used but I use a mesh Wi-fi in any case so Wi-fi range isn’t an issue.

    1. Avatar occasionally factual says:

      Are you in an Openreach FTTP area of MK?

      I was wondering if the solid speeds were down to you being the only person locally of the CityFibre FTTP. Or just the service is good.

      My area has had FTTP for 10 years and most of the houses are on Openreach currently. So I would imagine if we installed Vodafone, we would probably be the only house on the street using the local access.

  10. Avatar DrFunk says:

    @ occasionally factual

    No I’m not in an OpenReach FTTP area. Previously had FTTC with mediocre speeds 30/5 and even that was was pretty unreliable due to a dodgy line.

    As far as I know the CityFibre FTTP speeds in MK are solid and reliable. You could always ask Milton Keynes Broadband Action Group for further info http://www.mkbag.org/forum

  11. Avatar Voda says:

    What’s happening with Vodafone’s FTTP offering over OpenReach? Does anyone have new info?

    Speeds and price offerings when on OR FTTP because it likely won’t be symmetrical.

    They were selecting trial areas but not heard much since then. Vodafone should put something online about this and their call centre staff know less than me reading this site…!


  12. Avatar Richard Jones says:

    My area recently had FTTP installed and the Openreach checker says its available now.
    BT shows I can have the fibre 900 package but I’d like to go Vodafone really, but their checker shows it not available.
    I guess Vodafone aren’t there yet with Openreach for all areas?

    1. Avatar anon says:

      Try again now, it was provisionally for Liverpool, Bristol and Birmingham however of of yesterday morning greenfield properties you can now order anywhere in the uk and some brownfield areas are being worked on to-date!

  13. Avatar Keith. says:

    I had to cancel my open reach gigafast 500 installation due to having covid. Vodafone said they would call me the next day to reschedule after my isolation period. They never did and openreach turned up. Two weeks later I contacted them and after numerous people promising to call me back after being on the phone for 2 hours daily for 3 days and being redirected six times per call. they try to arrange a new appointment but will have to cancel the order with openreach and the new order will cost ten pound a month more on my monthly plan and my mobile customer discount no longer applies.
    I am glad I have now cancelled my order they are disgraceful and I will be cancelling my mobile plans.Beware on numerous occasions I asked for confirmation of my order and plan cost only to be fed numerous excuses.Their customer service and online agents\robots make my blood boil.Full of inconsistent lies.

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