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Three UK Discount Unlimited Data 5G SIM Only Plan to £10

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020 (4:58 pm) - Score 2,448
three uk mobile broadband

Mobile operator Three UK has recently reintroduced a big discount on their top 4G and 5G SIM Only plan, which is offering unlimited data (mobile broadband), calls and texts at just £10 per month for the first six months of service (£20 thereafter). But you’ll have to sign-up for a longer 24-month term.

As usual this offer is only available to new customers and it’s time-limited, although we’re not entirely sure when it’s due to end. However, the eagle-eyed will notice that the post-discount price is now £1 more expensive than it was before. You can also get the same plan on a 12-month term for the regular price of £20 per month, or £26 for a 1-month term.

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27 Responses
  1. Avatar Billy Nomates says:

    If you look around, you can find cashback deals that beat it. Not for everyone of course, but still quite simple. I’m paying an effective price of £6 a month for unlimited, from affordable mobiles.

  2. Avatar Anna says:

    Yeah! I’ve got to have me some of THAT Three goodness! I mean £10 a month for unlimited super fast 4G AND 5G!?

    okay whatever – this is three where I live.. :/


    1. Avatar James says:

      Speeds are shocking here buffering buffering they are overselling the network…… Feel bad for existing customers they recently sent me a letter telling me my 9 pounds unlimited data expired you now must pay us 22 pounds a month for unlimited everything they are starting to take the biscuit….

    2. Avatar Lee says:

      Three haven’t upgraded their backhaul capacity since their initial 3g was launched.
      Typically their backhaul is contracted out to fixed line providers live BT or Virgin who typically provide a backhaul capacity similar to any other home internet user.
      A typical three 4g mast probably has a backhaul speed capacity of between 30 and 150meg.
      Now if you are the only one using the mast then that’s fine for 4g but shared between 20 to 100 people then you can see why their speeds struggle.
      Three know they have a problem and have been promising to upgrade their mast backhaul’s to gigabit capacity. Unfortunate they have been promising this for three years now with no improvements; At least for my area.

    3. Avatar CJ says:

      Network upgrades are happening, but it will take time because they have a lot of catching up to do.


  3. Avatar JitteryPinger says:

    Beta Network.

    1. Avatar Buggerlugz says:

      Probably more an alpha build…..

  4. Avatar André says:

    There is no way in signing up to a 24 month contract with ANY network.

  5. Avatar Michael V says:

    They were doing unlimited everything for half price for 6 months at £11 up till around October. My contract ended so I asked them to switch me over to that. Nice to see it’s returned.
    No bother being 2 years. I’m not moving. The last time I was stupid to move, I joined EE in 2013. 17 months of misery. Couldn’t wait to move back to Three.

  6. Avatar Lee says:

    South West London three 4g is giving me between 0.2 mbps down and 0.7. Worse than the slowest dial up used to be. It has been like this now for over a year.
    When I first got it, I was averaging between 15 and 22 mbps down the first 3 to 4 months.
    Their network is collapsing and yet all they do is promise a fix that never comes and entice more people to join the party.
    I suspect their 5g, where available, will slowly deteriorate over time as well.

    1. Avatar Buggerlugz says:

      I’ve lost over 50% download speed in 12 months on three. Which speaks volumes really, considering the router is in the same place and the mast I connect to is.

      What could be the cause I wonder?

  7. Avatar Kyle says:

    That title is a bit of clickbait…

    1. Avatar Buggerlugz says:

      Anything with “Three” in the title is on here! 🙂

    2. Avatar mr Ian Aitken says:

      right? just a flat out advert!!!!

      Its NOT £10 a month its £10 for less than 25% of time on a full 24 month contract eewwwww

    3. Avatar Buggerlugz says:

      Plus its also got a 4.5% increase every April, don’t forget that little chestnut!

  8. Avatar James says:

    This network is pricing themselves like bargain basement soon they have no money left to even power up their network across the country….. They are taking far too many customers my speeds is starting to struggle went from 70meg last year and now 2meg day and night….. Everyone in my area must be on this deal and cancelling home fibre broadband…..

    1. Avatar Buggerlugz says:

      Which would work a treat if Three could actually invest enough to cover all this data across its network, but it quite simply can’t.

  9. Avatar SimonM says:

    Can’t even get 2G/GPRS on Three here, yet alone 3G, 4G or not that I was expecting it, 5G.

    1. Avatar dave says:

      There’s a little hint in the name “three” as to why you can’t get 2G with them.

    2. Avatar Stephen Wakeman says:

      Yes, as Dave points out, Three UK don’t have any 2G spectrum.

    3. Avatar SimonM says:

      Ok, I’m sure when Three originally launched, and I had a 3 PAYG, I could get 2G (it used to roam on to another network), however maybe I should have simply said “I can’t get any mobile signal at all on Three”.

    4. Avatar André says:

      Three used to “roam” onto Orange for 2G signal in the early days of their network, but that finished in the mid 2000s once their 3G network was deemed good enough.
      (God, I’m feeling old now)

    5. Avatar Anna says:


      I remember the day we all huddled around to watch the TV go to colour…and I was 20

      Now that’s old!

    6. Avatar André says:

      You win! 😀

    7. Avatar Buggerlugz says:

      Don’t worry about it, they’ve not increased their backhaul since the days of 3g anyway, and if they have it’s not made any inroad into the vast number of customers they’re signing up daily at the expense of everyone else.

      Its a totally unsustainable business model, and sooner or later the entire three network will collapse and then OFCOM are going to have to intervene IMHO.

  10. Avatar Max says:

    It’s great if you can get 5G but their 4G speeds are awful nowadays.

    1. Avatar Iain says:

      No 5G here, but on three 4G I’m getting 45MB down, 32MB up.
      Anything better than 20 is fine for me, so for £16 per month, I’m happy. I just wish the latency wasn’t so terrible.

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