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Sky Broadband Finally Fixes VoIP Timing and DHCP Router Bugs

Thursday, February 11th, 2021 (8:28 am) - Score 25,608
sky broadband router SR203

Customers of UK ISP Sky Broadband may be pleased to learn that the provider is now deploying a new firmware (software) update for their latest SR203 and SR204 Sky Hub wireless routers, which the provider says should finally fix two of last year’s biggest bugs with VoIP timing and DHCP networking.

Just to recap. The VoIP bug (here) created a 1-hour time difference between the network and phone handset (i.e. the handset would report GMT rather than British Summer Time [BST]), which was enough to disrupt some calls. Separately, the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) bug meant that the router would struggle to correctly assign addresses to devices, particularly after it was restarted (here).

NOTE: DHCP is a seamless bit of modern networking that works in the background, enabling your router and devices to automatically exchange information, setup IP addresses for the network (e.g. subnet mask and default gateway) and get the internet connection working alongside.

The good news is that, after several months of waiting, Sky Broadband began to rollout a new firmware update (5.14.2249.R) for their Sky Broadband Hub (SR203/204) routers at around the start of February 2021 and we expect this phased process to have completed by the end of this week (it’s automatic, so customers don’t need to do anything).

Like most ISPs, Sky hasn’t released a full list of the changes and fixes in their latest firmware release, although one of the operator’s Community Manager’s (Mark-Br) was kind enough to post a summary of the headline fixes (here) and we’ve pasted those below.

Headline changes for 5.14.2249.R

— Improvements to DHCP
— VOIP showing GMT (not BST)
— SIP ALG can now be switched on/off (Link to How to turn off SIP ALG)

In our experience it’s often a good idea, after a new firmware update has been applied, to power-cycle (switch off and on again) both the router and any devices that connect to it. Otherwise, early feedback suggests that the two bugs have indeed been resolved.

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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on Twitter, , Facebook and Linkedin.
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20 Responses
  1. Anna says:

    I’ve just moved to an area where I had to have a physical phone line for Sky – No option for Voip in the North East. I had it before in Cornwall

    1. Scott says:

      Sounds like capacity is an issue for Sky’s phone service given what you are suggesting.

      Sounds like their VoIP/PSTN replacement service hasn’t scaled up.

    2. Sky employee says:

      There’s a world wide shortage of components for the voip hub so sky are trying to protect stock, this means they have stopped ordering some a connections for now, you can currently only buy a voip service if its fttp or ghastly. You’ll likely get put on voip once you recontract again as stocks will be back to normal then

    3. Sky Employee says:

      *sorry that should say SOGEA connections, sorry for the typo

  2. Robert De Souza says:

    Was painfully slow to get fixed with no proper communication from sky. I rolled back months ago.

  3. Retuer says:

    Seems this update has created an issue with devices connected to the router via extra Ethernet switches – I can no longer connect to my NAS, use airplay, or connect to my Philips Hue from any device on Wi-Fi. The NAS can only be reached from a device also on Ethernet – or from a wireless client if I connect it directly to the Ethernet ports on the router itself. Airplay can be fixed if I put the TV on Wi-Fi.
    Already spoken to Sky who have told me there’s nothing they can do as they don’t support third party Ethernet switches.

  4. Sharon Edwards says:

    I have a blind autistic daughter who received free Internet access though sky line, this has been disabled without any notice. We are sat waiting to be connected to a broadband contract with another company at the end of the month.

  5. Dave says:

    How do you know when upgrade has been completed?

    1. Vista says:

      You can probably check the router’s firmware version in the router settings

  6. Tre Crossfield says:

    I have had sky broadband for 28 months we have had the highest speed possible because usage is high in the household and always as been.I would say 12 to 16 connected devices. Service over the last 9 months as been diabolical we reset our router many times a day and often we are tethered to our mobile plans just to be able to work. Sky continually say they can see no drop in speed but when we carry out a speed test at different locations in the house on different devices we get a low reading upstream alway worse than downstream. Sky say they see no problem but have said they will send an engineer when they are able. We are extremely frustrated with the service and on speaking with neighbours they are experiencing difficulties and issues also. What can we do and how do we present pur case to sky.


    1. Chris says:

      “when we carry out a speed test at different locations in the house on different devices we get a low reading upstream alway worse than downstream.”

      most broadband packages are asymmetrical meaning download is far higher than upload, upload is typically ~ 10% of download, that is totally normal and to be expected.


      make sure the router is in a prominent position and not covered or blocked, do a test when the device you are testing from is in line of site of the router.

      Don’t expect to get a great signal if the router is stuffed behind a load of books or metallic objects.

    2. Rebecca says:

      We had the same problem and had sky out on unerous times its not thr speed going into thr box its your WiFi signal we sorted this ourselves by paying a company to come and hardwire our devices direct from the router.hay presto super fast speeds resumed. Sky are rubbish and don’t tell you this.

  7. Jack says:

    We moved from an older Virgin line to ‘real’ SIP based VoIP and kept the Virgin number we’ve had for 20 years when we took out a Sky contract in September. The phone offerings from Sky are really poor especially the VoIP port on the back of the router should make the per minute costs cheaper and no connection charge, Sky is something like 40p a minute on our package. Makes you think the people being ripped off for Sky VoIP when you move to your own VoIP service who can provide calls for less than a penny and mobile minutes for 2p!

  8. Russell says:

    I have been with sky for years and everytime i have had any trouble they have quickly fixed this and also even provided a booster for wifi we have numerous devices connected including my work pc two sky q boxes a laptop 5 mobile phones three android tablets an xbox and one item in router which is another xbox do not have problem with speeds had problem with lagging on one xbox cleared cache and after still lagged cleared data as well and reset router was totally fine after and no lag i honestly believe there customer service is usually fantastic

  9. stephen carter says:

    Why does sky slow my speed when I’m using a vpn?
    I normally get 50 mbs download but when I activate my vpn it cuts it by half and sometimes more. So frustrating

    1. Stewart says:

      This has nothing to do with your internet connection it’s the vpn speed that you are reading when you perform a speed test

    2. Sam says:

      As mentioned above, the issue is with your VPN.
      The fix is to stop using it.

  10. Jane Jones says:

    Will this firm update apply to the sky Q er115? I have the DHCP issue with my works phone dropping out all the time when power cut. Then takes hours to connect!

  11. kJC says:

    Nope not fixed here never had the issue and today after lastnight recieving the new firmware my routers DHCP is working intermittently. Have had to set all devices to static and still getting issues with router randomly rebooting. Forums are full of very angry customers who didn’t need this with kids at home home learning and people trying to work from home in a pandemic.

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