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ISP TalkTalk UK Bundle Amazon Mesh WiFi with FTTP Broadband

Monday, July 26th, 2021 (1:16 pm) - Score 3,048

New customers of UK ISP TalkTalk might like to know that the provider has teamed-up with Amazon to offer its eero 6 and eero Pro 6 mesh Wi-Fi systems, which will be given to those taking out one of their Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) based “Future Fibre” home broadband packages.

As part of a phased roll-out, eero 6 will be included as the standard mesh router ** for customers on TalkTalk’s Future Fibre 150 (Mbps) plan and eero Pro 6 for Future Fibre 500 customers. Customers will also benefit from speeds up to 1Gbps supported by eero Pro 6, when TalkTalk “launches gigabit capable Future Fibre this Autumn.” Good to know.

NOTE: **Eligibility for eero depends on location. For the small number of properties outside eligible locations for eero, customers will receive their Wi-Fi Hub router instead.

For customers needing extra WiFi coverage, from today they will be able to order extra eero devices to create a mesh network from £89 (RRP £139). And from September 2021, there will be a pay monthly option for extra eero devices – with up to 2 additional eeros for £6 per month. You can of course buy these directly from Amazon too (here) but, as above, they are quite pricey.

Tristia Harrison, CEO of TalkTalk, said:

“We always strive to offer our customers the latest technology, superior speeds, and reliable performance at an affordable price. Coupled with our ambitious and accelerated full fibre roll out, our new relationship with Amazon’s eero is helping to make next generation home Wi-Fi a reality. As the first major ISP in the UK to offer eero to its customers we are excited to be at the forefront of making the UK’s leading fibre and Wi-Fi technology affordable for everyone.”

Curiously, TalkTalk states that “over 4 million” UK premises are within reach of their Future Fibre plans, although this is predominantly supplied by the FTTP networks from Openreach and CityFibre. However, even if we completely ignore CityFibre, then Openreach’s FTTP network alone now covers over 5 million premises. The difference reflects the fact that TalkTalk’s own reach via their ordering system is still lagging a bit behind actual network availability.

Key Eero Features:

— eero mobile app enables easy set-up, as well as network management and fault diagnostics, giving customers more control and visibility of their home network performance, integrated with TalkTalk Customer Support.

— eero Secure comes as standard. eero Secure is an online security service that helps to block malware, spyware, phishing, and other malicious threats from downloading to customers’ devices, all while improving load times for ad-heavy sites. Plus, with advanced parental controls, customers can easily block websites for family-safe browsing, streaming, and social media use.

— Built-in Zigbee smart home hub (Amazon account linking required), providing a seamless connection to Zigbee-enabled smart devices such as light bulbs, door locks, switches, plugs, and sensors without the need for a separate hub.

— Additional eero units can be purchased to create a mesh network, providing whole-home coverage and tackling Wi-Fi blank spots.

— Elegant design that fits perfectly into the decor of any home.

Take note that we’ve only just had this announcement, and sometimes TalkTalk’s website takes a little longer to catch-up with such changes becoming available.

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23 Responses
  1. Sam P says:

    Don’t be fooled. The eero Pro 6 has 80mhz of bandwidth. You’ll be lucky to get 500mbps on a good day. Buy yourself a 160mhz capable access point instead and you’ll achieve 900mbps on Wi-Fi 6.

  2. James says:

    Nice to see something like coming from TalkTalk.
    Also be interesting to see what price their 1G service will launch for, I think BT still the cheapest at £59.99.

    1. Pete says:

      Talking to their Future Fibre team last week, they said around £40/m for both their Openreach and Cityfibre based 1 Gig services once they’re launched.

    2. C. Robertson says:

      Talk talk are giving 3 months free then £29,95 a month contract 18mths .

  3. darren mccoy says:

    Does the eero require a router or can it be plugged directly into the ONT?

    1. Martin says:

      eero can be plugged directly into the ONT

    2. BellyM says:

      I don’t think Eero ever implemented PPPoE so a router would still be required?

    3. Jonathan says:

      I don’t think TalkTalk use PPPoE. They certainly don’t for there FTTC offering. Frankly the whole PPPoE thing for FTTC and FTTP is from a technical perspective as dumb as hell. PPP was needed for dial up, and PPPoA was needed for ADSL originally as the backbone was ATM (it’s now all Ethernet so it’s no longer needed), but for FTTC where the backbone is effectively Ethernet from the outset it is just down to laziness updating their backend systems, which is as daft as hell because they are paying $$$$ to terminated PPP sessions needlessly.

    4. John says:

      As above, Talktalk residential don’t use PPP on FTTC or FTTP.

      The Eero would work fine straight in to the ONT, but only on Talktalk residential.

    5. Adam says:

      Our consumer services just use DHCP 🙂

  4. Shaun says:

    Hopefully this signals the point where existing customers can regrade.

    I have been with TT on their OR based FTTP 150/30 service since 12/20 and it’s been faultless. I’d really like to move up to the next tier speed wise but they can’t regrade customers currently.

  5. Jon says:

    As far as I am aware eero doesn’t support ppoe? Never used talk talk assume they use ppoe like most other providers meaning you would need a router in front of this – potentially double NAT situation.

    1. DaveD says:

      They do not use pppoe in Fttp

    2. Sepp says:

      Err… my Openreach ONT needs PPPoE, cannot connect without it.

    3. PS says:

      TalkTalk Consumer and Sky use DHCP/IPoE, not PPPoE, so no router and no double NAT required

  6. Steve says:

    pretty pointless when their hub is not WiFi 6, so will not get the full benefits of Amazon eero.

    1. DaveD says:

      Not pointless at all as this is in leu of the hub

    2. Steve says:

      It’s not in leu of the hub, it still requires the hub, hence the option to add the devices (you don’t get them as standard) at a cost of £89 or from September £6 per month.

    3. PS says:

      It doesn’t require a hub, eero direct into ONT. Eero doesn’t support PPPoE, but TalkTalk (and Sky) use DHCP/IPoE for FTTC/FTTP, not PPPoE.

    4. Flying Pig says:

      The Openreach FTTP ONT requires PPPoE authentication, irrespective of ISP.

    5. PS says:

      Flying Pig – you’re wrong, feel free to read Openreach’s SIN 506 (section 2.1.8).

    6. John says:

      The ONT requires no such thing.

      The ONT presents plain Ethernet.

      PPP credentials are entered in to the router.
      That then becomes PPP over Ethernet.

      Talktalk residential use DHCP/IPOE and not PPPoE.
      Sky use DHCP Option 61 (aka MER).

      Pretty much every other OpenReach ISP (including Talktalk Business) use PPP.

      There is absolutely no requirement for PPP to be used on OpenReach FTTP, or with its ONT’s.

      The Eero doesn’t support PPP or Option 61, so it is only compatible with Talktalk residential FTTP connected directly to the ONT.

  7. Matt says:

    I just received the eero 6 pro to replace my talktalk Wi-fi hub. It works directly with the ONT and does not require the old hub. It’s standalone.

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