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TalkTalk UK Quietly Adds Cheap 1Gbps FTTP Broadband Package

Friday, November 19th, 2021 (10:08 am) - Score 7,368

Low-cost UK ISP TalkTalk appears to have quietly launched a new “Fibre 1Gbps” broadband service as part of their CityFibre and Openreach based Future Fibre packages, but at present it only seems to be available in Openreach’s Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) areas (CF areas are still limited to 500Mbps) and costs just £49.

The new product isn’t yet being displayed on their public website, but it does crop up when you go through their availability checker. The package itself costs £49 per month on an 18-month term and includes unlimited usage, average downloads of 927Mbps (uploads of 91Mbps), the Amazon eero 6 series of mesh (Wi-Fi 6) routers, Fixed Price Plus (no price increase at the end of your term), internet security features and free installation.

By our reckoning, this is one of the cheapest 1Gbps broadband packages on Openreach’s national network and is probably taking advantage of the operator’s new wholesale discounts. In addition, you can also take their 500Mbps package for £40 per month or 150Mbps for £32. Credits to one of our readers, Craig, for spotting the new package.

Just remember that TalkTalk hasn’t yet made Future Fibre available across the whole of CityFibre and Openreach’s respective national network footprints, so availability may vary.

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37 Responses
  1. anonymous says:

    Was checking last night and saw the 1GBs on Openreach FTTP in a new table column on the page. Much cheaper than BT, and in my experience, support no worse than BT’s (both not been great).

    1. John says:

      BT gigabit is on offer for £55 (both with a landline and free calls or without a landline).
      It’s usually £60.

      How is that much cheaper? I refer your to a dictionary. Look up the word much.

    2. ian says:

      John, £49 is less than £55. More than 10%.

      There is no need to be a troll.

    3. John says:

      I didn’t say it wasn’t cheaper…
      I said it isn’t MUCH cheaper. It isn’t. It’s nowhere near it.

      It’s quite a disappointing price to be honest.
      I’m paying £35 a month for their 550Mb/s package and that included the initial 3 months free.

      Considering Talktalk are the main budget brand on the Openreach network it made this pricing important.
      This is the low price others will be competing against.

      The Openreach Equinox offer is a long running offer that’s unlikely to go down in price in the next few years.

      This is as cheap as gigabit on Openreach is likely to get (excluding the odd one off promotion).
      I find that very disappointing.

      Expressing my opinion on that is not trolling. Disagreeing with an opinion is not trolling.
      I refer you to a dictionary, look up the word trolling.


    4. anonymous says:

      @John – only looked a few days ago and it was £59.99.

      No need for your sarcasm – troll off.

    5. John says:

      If you don’t like sarcasm then the internet isn’t for you.

      I disagreed with you.
      Grow a thicker skin and get over it.

    6. anonymous says:


      and I’ve been on the net before browsers as you know them today existed when they were text (lynx) so already have a thick skin. Merely pointing out your behaviour, it didn’t warrant it.

      Not only was you cutting in your original reply for no good reason, the offer I said is still the price on some affiliates and BT had only just changed theirs as an alleged Black Friday offer.

      Price difference is subject to opinion, but for me, £6 dearer a month over 24 months (using YOUR quoted price) is a big difference compared to an operator with similar support operating on the same FTTP network.

    7. John says:

      And I disagreed.

      The Talktalk package I’m currently on is £15 a month cheaper than BT’s equivalent and it also came with 3 months free.
      £6 cheaper for the gigabit package is poor imo.

      I don’t particularly care if your thought “my behaviour” wasn’t to your standards.
      Build a bridge and get over it.

    8. Hungry Dog says:

      TalkTalk Business 900/115 package is £63.95 + VAT (£76.74). Recently this package was on offer with 3 months free, equating to an average of £55.96 + VAT (£67.15) per month over the term.

      Although there is a fixed IP address included in the business package, this new residential offer is over £18 per month less so a 27% discount. In real terms, allowing say £3 per month for fixed IP, the new resi offer is still at £15 discount.

      I think that’s a decent discount.

    9. John says:

      The 2 aren’t comparable in the slightest.

      Talktalk Business packages are all much more expensive than the residential equivalent.
      Talktalk Business actually comes with decent support.
      The 2 services are night and day.

  2. Martin says:

    That’s still quite expensive as Lightspeed Broadband have put the prices out for their symmetric 1gb/s package and they are charging £39.95 on a 24 month contract or £44.95 on a 12 month contract. It includes a Nokia Wifi 6 hub in the price but there is a £30 connection fee though.

    1. Mark Jackson says:

      Somewhat irrelevant if you’re not covered by it.

    2. Broadband Bill says:

      Great news for Lincolnshire and Norfolk

  3. James Band says:

    That’s really interesting! Do you have to use the Eero router? In terms of privacy issues, doesn’t it require you to log in to an account to use when you normally buy them separately.

    The price for 900 Mbps seems to be coming down on Openreach (hopefully thanks to Equinox). Seems decent and a shorter contract. Will these come down further though?

    Another thing is won’t they increase the price in April/March?

    1. John says:

      You don’t need to use the Eero router.
      Sell it on eBay if you like. You’ll get around £100.

    2. JamesBand says:


      I thought ISPs generally want you to use their Router (unless they state otherwise) when it comes to checking the line in the background, firewalls etc.

      I get that you can use your own mesh system/equivalent in bridging mode (effectively turning off the ISP router’s wifi and setting up your own home network), but thought the ISP one should remain connected.

      I don’t mind an ISP router at the main ONT/mastersocket, but whilst reading reviews for routers/wifi networks, they mention things like privacy issues with the Eero.

      As for selling, I don’t think it would be wise to sell whilst still in contract right. It won’t be yours until the end of the contract term surely.

    3. JamesBand says:


      The Shell and TalkTalk prices seem to be lowest for Openreach 900 thus far (18 month contracts with CPI increases) with Cuckoo offering a rolling 31 day contract at the same price as BT.

      I do wonder why the Equinox pricing from Openreach hasn’t resulted in prices coming down toward the £40 area. I agree with you that the price is still too high. The question is whether the price will come down lower in the next 4-5 months, as to whether one should sign up for a long term contract right now.

      Perhaps, to paraphrase Yoda, “Begun the price war has.”

    4. John says:

      Nope. No need to keep it connected.

      Bridge mode is using a modem with no routing. You then use a separate router.
      That’s only applicable with ADSL/VDSL2/G.Fast.

      You need to use Openreach’s ONT with Talktalk’s FTTP. That’s effectively a modem in bridge mode (well the GPON equivalent).
      You can use any router you like with Talktalk.
      They may ask you to connect it for support purposes but it is not required to be connected.

      My Talktalk Hub is still in the box.
      I then blagged an Eero Pro 6 from them a couple weeks later. That hasn’t been connected either.

    5. JamesBand says:

      Got it, thanks! Shall keep this in mind.

    6. tech3475 says:


      “Sell it on eBay if you like. You’ll get around £100.”

      Be careful because I just read this:
      “One eero included with your package, though supplementary eeros can be purchased by contacting TalkTalk. The eero device is restricted use and can only be used on the TalkTalk broadband network and with TalkTalk eero enabled packages (Fibre 150, 500 and 1Gb data only), otherwise they may be deactivated”

    7. John says:

      Will spotted. That might be a recent change.
      The Talktalk Eero 6 Pro I received isn’t locked to Talktalk in anyway (I received mine the week they launched).

      These devices don’t support PPP so are useless with pretty much any other Openreach ISP, including Talktalk Business packages.

      I wouldn’t recommend selling them as Talktalk might insist on you connecting it for support purposes.

      It definitely doesn’t need to be used any other time though. Talktalk allow you to use any router you like.

  4. anonymous says:


    EE Fibre Max isn’t bad as currently 500mbps for £40 using ispreview affiliate link or by being an EE Mobile customer. They also throw in 20GB of EE extra mobile data for your EE mobile plan.

    Was thinking of putting parents onto TalkTalk 500 instead of their BT 150 which is more expensive, but looking at EE now. They like the better upload speed for cloud storage and sending photos etc. as they don’t really need those download speeds but it is still cheaper than their current BT 150 package and contract just ended. The BT support was terrible as well as they tried to deny having Halo even though we had the email as proof from BT. During an area outage the call rep wouldn’t have it (working from home as kids going mad in the background).

    1. James Band says:

      Yes, fair enough if you’re an existing EE Mobile customer. For new customers though, the pricing is roughly the same. Good point about upload speeds.

      Still can’t see any 900Mbps product on Vodafone, or Sky for Openreach FTTP yet.

      Would have thought the price for 900Mbps should be £40!

  5. Peterson says:

    garbage internet everywhere in the uk. They can’t even provide fully symmetrical speeds like a normal European country.

    1. John says:

      Not everywhere. Talktalk on Cityfibre is very much symmetrical.

      We’re also no different to much of Europe.
      Many other European countries also use GPON, others DOCSIS.

      The optics are easily upgradable at either end. Can even upgrade customers to XGS-PON without even causing downtime to everyone else.

      There’s little demands for high upstream from the wider population. The majority of my friends and family couldn’t tell you what their upstream was.

  6. Broadband Bob says:

    This is simply marketing at its finest. Talk talk will soak up all the people that want to move first and have ‘fastest broadband’ once they are all signed up prices will come down over time.

    Anyone starting on 150Mb packages will probably find in three or four years time you are on 500Mb or 900Mb packages for the same price. That’s why Equinox pricing is not going up, no one in the industry thinks it will, it will only get cheaper.

    So unless you need daft speeds hold off and wait for better pricing.

  7. plunet says:

    Just seen a Black Friday (freshly minted) TalkTalk ad on the TV for TT broadband peddling up to 145M. Seems wierd that they wouldn’t mention that they can do more. Are their marketing dept asleep?

  8. Tech3475 says:

    Does anyone have a recommended VOIP provider with unlimited UK minutes?

    I’m thinking of taking this up but need to port my current landline number elsewhere from my current BT.

    1. Lydo says:

      I’m going to be porting to Sipgate who have been in the VOIP / local number business for forever. Free to use, can port your number…and you can opt to pay £9.99 for unlimited UK calls, but that’s not something I’m going to bother with personally… tis what me mobile is for 🙂

    2. tech3475 says:


      Thanks I’ll look into them.

  9. Muchios says:

    Its on the future fibre website now, just wish it was on for CF areas.

    1. Philip Kalinsky says:

      After many many transfer and calls. It isn’t an upgrade, you have to start a new contract contract 1GBPs package

      After different agents, I found one who processed it to their head office to deal with for an upgrade, should know in about a week what’s going on with it

  10. Pete says:

    Think some are overlooking the BT price escalator in the TalkTalk comparisons. So I’m an existing BT customer in which my current 24 month contract ends on March 2nd 2022.

    For Black Friday they offered me to renew from my current Fibre 300 to Fibre 900 for an 3xtra £4 per month. Currently pay £45.25 so I’d be paying £49.25 which is ‘better than a new customer’ which is correct, but I also don’t get new customer offers such as Xbox passes or gift cards.

    So compared to TalkTalk even for me it’s not worth staying with BT:

    1) Talk talk is fixed price for the entire 18 months, With BT that £49.25 will become + 3.9% + CPI in January ( was over 4% in November) so we’re looking at over 8% increase come April 1st 2022. That’s about £5. It’s now close to £54. Then in April 2023 same formulae price increase again so perhaps another £5.

    2) BT has a relatively dated hub now no WiFI 6, with talk talk you get that plus a booster.

    Seems a no brainer why you’d sign up to a 24 month price escalated plan with BT with fairly old WiFi technology.

  11. Mary says:


    I am considering switching to the new TALK TALK TV 4K box (in tests, just to be released this Chrismas).

    What’s your opinion, Thanks!

    The ultimate viewing experience, powered by Netgem TV. With its jaw-dropping features, our TalkTalk TV 4K Box levels up entertainment for everyone. Available with Future Fibre broadband plans only.

    .30 streaming apps and On Demand players
    .One easy search covers all platforms
    .Voice control via Amazon Alexa or Echo
    .4K Ultra HD viewing capabilities
    .Wi-Fi enabled – no more cables to your router
    .70+ live channels
    .Pause and rewind TV)


  12. Haggis in Newcastle says:

    I’ve signed up to go FTTP 150 . voip included . fixed price 18 months £28 . free set up . changeover date 14th Feb .

    Not too sure about amazon eero router.. any comments from users would be appreciated . apparently only two ethernet ports, one in one out ?

    I will update once it’s all done.

    1. Chris says:

      That eeroo Pro wifi 6 router looks snazzy to me..

  13. Chris says:

    Just took the offer of 500mbs from Talk Talk on City Fibre Lines for £35 a month and first 6 months Free. Was on VM at £53 a month for 200mbs – no tv on either or phone line..
    in Bolton..

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