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Tesco Mobile, Sky Mobile and GiffGaff Top for UK Customer Satisfaction

Tuesday, Jan 25th, 2022 (11:33 am) - Score 3,176
uk customer satisfaction index

The Institute of Customer Service has today published their latest biannual UK Customer Satisfaction Index (Jan 2022), which saw Tesco Mobile, Sky Mobile and giffgaff all managing to make the UKCSI’s ranking of the top 50 organisations – the only telecommunications providers to make the cut.

The study reflects the results from a large survey, which in January 2022 questioned around 10,000 consumers – balanced to be representative of the UK adult population – about their experiences of different organisations (a total of 45,000 responses were gathered, roughly 3,000 for each sector). This was then used to produce a score out of 100 for each organisation.

Overall, the ‘Telecommunications & Media‘ sector reported another improvement in its general ranking from 74.3 in Jan 2021, to 75.2 in July 2021 and now 76.3 out of 100. At the last update (July 2021), only Tesco Mobile managed to make the top 50 table, which it did with a score of 83.9 and that was enough to rank them 5th overall. Sadly, Tesco Mobile has dropped to rank 22nd this time, which is despite scoring a still respectable 83.7.

The good news is that Tesco Mobile has now been joined by both Sky Mobile (score 82.7 – ranked 38th) and giffgaff (score 82.3 – ranked 40th) in the top 50 table. The eagle-eyed among you will no doubt note that all three operators happen to be Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) partners of O2 (VMO2).


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By Mark Jackson
Mark is a professional technology writer, IT consultant and computer engineer from Dorset (England), he also founded ISPreview in 1999 and enjoys analysing the latest telecoms and broadband developments. Find me on X (Twitter), Mastodon, Facebook and .
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10 Responses
  1. Avatar photo Chris Sayers says:

    I’ve been a customer since at least 2012, I can state I’ve been very happy with the service unless of course I have memory loss and I have forgotten about an incident.

  2. Avatar photo Smythe says:

    Giffgaff customer service is surprisingly good. Speeds via O2 are bad though.

    1. Avatar photo Carl O says:

      Location dependant as I live in the north east and connecting to band 40 I get a solid 60-80.

      Today though I seem to be connected to band 20, but with 5G and speeds are diabolical so I assume 5G equipment has been installed but the backhaul yet to be connected (complete guess as it was fine prior)

  3. Avatar photo Dan says:

    How would you know unless you’d also worked for other networks for comparison?

  4. Avatar photo chris conder says:

    Can only speak as I find, and apart from not having wifi calling I have only praise for my 10 years with giffgaff.

  5. Avatar photo Mark says:

    Been with SKY mobile for 5 years now and service is excellent. Customer service good, network from 02 good from 02. Internet 4g a bit slow but that is it. Much cheaper than main networks as well.

  6. Avatar photo Bob says:

    Your real-life experiences do not necessarily translate to that of others.

  7. Avatar photo Harold says:

    So Tesco Mobile have a better customer service rating than O2! The “main networks” like O2 and Vodafone have worse customer service than their own subsidiaries like giffgaff, Voxi or brands like Tesco Mobile which use their underlying network.

    Not to mention the “renewal” prices for long contracts (e.g. 24 months) for the likes of Vodafone are more expensive than signing up as a new customer with a rolling contract with Voxi (owned by Vodafone!). Leave aside their abysmal service via their online website Chat, or telephone customer service.

  8. Avatar photo James coakley says:

    I have been a tesco mobile customer since 2015 when I purchased my first contract and I never looked back.
    The phone contract is reasonably well priced ok the length is has gone from 18months in 2015 to 36 months in 2023.
    I rank tesco mobile

  9. Avatar photo Forestlands says:

    I had been a Tesco Mobile customer for 6 years. When my contract finish I got the hard sell – not had it before from Tesco! Tesco insisted on giving me a phone, I had just bought a new phone didn’t want it! Young lady said go on take it do what you like, throw it away! Daft thing to say, I agreed to take it and give it to charity. Moved to GiffGaff 3 months later I found Tesco Mobile slamming me, reported them to Ofcom, FCA and Ombudsman. Stopped the DD Tesco set up with the bank. My payments to GiffGaff had mysteriously stopped! I had no phone and no internet for over 2 months! I’m a 78 year old lady who lives with her budgie, not a Geek! Got back with GiffGaff, Tesco set up a second DD with my bank. Had nothing from since leaving, full paid up, in March! Tesco got debt collectors BPO harassing me, big time ie. 4 or 5 texts a day, letters and emails too for money I didn’t owe. The emails looked like spam, no account number. Phoned Tesco Mobile and was told I owed money but they couldn’t find out what it was for! Ombudsman due to decide, they have the evidence. I won’t even shop with Tesco let alone use Tesco Mobile

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