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DS2 Launches Budget 100Mbps Powerline Ethernet
By: MarkJ - 11 December, 2007 (9:17 AM)

Powerline, the adapter technology that allows you to make a home network using your buildings power sockets, is to be made cheaper thanks to the introduction of a new 100Mbps (MONTGO) chip (processor).

The latest technology can hit speeds of up to 400Mbps, yet the wholesale price per unit can still be between 4 and 5 for even an older 85Mbps chip. That translates into higher prices at retail, yet the new hardware will cost roughly half that:

Chano Gomez, Vice-President of Technology and Strategic Partnerships at DS2 said: "Until today, equipment manufacturers have been offered medium-speed Powerline ICs that are expensive (between $8 and $10 for an 85Mbps and $5.00 for 14 Mbps Powerline IC from Intellon) and which are not compatible with higher speed 200Mbps products. Consumers are then offered products that lack high performance and that risk becoming obsolete as the industry moves to 200Mbps, 300 Mbps and future 400Mbps.

Our new MONTGO chipset solves these two problems: it's very competitively priced at $5.55 (2.20) and can interoperate with 200Mbps and future 400Mbps powerline products. This provides a very compelling proposition to device manufacturers, service providers and consumers.

The new MONTGO kit will begin sampling in Q1 2008 and should be available in volume during Q2 2008.

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