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Unbundled (LLU / Non-BT) UK Lines Exceed 3.552m
By: MarkJ - 10 December, 2007 (1:26 PM)

The Telecommunications Adjudicator (OTA), Peter Black, has released his latest monthly (November'07) report on the status of UK local loop unbundling (LLU) - HERE.

Some 3.552m telephone lines have now been unbundled from BT, which compares with 3.363m during October. Interestingly the update notes that "several market forecasts are predicting a flattening of the trend for new lines in the medium term":

The result of any reduction in demand for new LLU lines is likely to be an increase in churn as customers seek better deals. Therefore we continue to focus much of our activity on improvements to provision, repair and migration services from Openreach and Industry.

The OTA also reports a 48% reduction in the number of TAG related calls to the BT helpdesk, which was calculated over the previous seven week period. This is a measure which indicates possible end user frustration reflected by people calling the helpdesk to seek assistance or complain about difficulties in migrating between suppliers or moving home.

Unfortunately this improvement has been accompanied by a sharp increase in the number of MAC (broadband migration) related calls, although in absolute terms the volume of such calls is appreciably lower than Tag related calls (by factor of 50).

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