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Welcome to ISPreview UK Version 3
By: MarkJ - 16 December, 2007 (12:03 PM)

It took a small miracle and a lot of our spare time but we’ve managed to get the new website online just in time for Christmas. Other than the style we’ve also made some additional adjustments, such as the inclusion of our readers’ top 10 into the front page. The broadband section has also been replaced by a ‘Technology’ one, which gives a rough description of the most common UK Internet access methods from dialup to mobile broadband (3/4G).

However the design isn’t yet completely finished and some issues remain, such as an IE6/7 related formatting error with one of the search systems, some small ISP listings width issues and so forth. Being mostly coded in standardised CSS has also caused a small layout error with Microsoft’s dreaded IE6 browser via our top navigation bar, yet it should still be functional and we will endeavour to resolve this after Christmas.

Sadly IE6 is the web designer’s worst nightmare due to a dire lack of solid standards adherence and we’d strongly recommend that those using it upgrade to IE7, Firefox or Opera for a proper and more secure browsing experience:


Meanwhile, please feel free to have a look around and we’ll try to resolve any problems next week. We hope you will all find ISPr3 easier to read and use than v2.

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