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Rural Mobile & Broadband Coverage Criticised
By: MarkJ - 28 December, 2007 (9:36 AM)

Stuart Burgess, chairman of the Rural Communities Commission and the Government's Rural Advocate, has called on the government to invest in new technologies for the British countryside.

Burgess is concerned that rural areas continue to be left behind their urban counterparts, additionally pointing out that some parts of India had better mobile coverage than remote areas of the UK:

"Broadband is still not accessible and, even where it is, the quality is questionable. For the modern rural economy to develop and grow you need good Internet access. We also need to improve the mobile phone coverage."

The lack of strong mobile and broadband links (a postcode lottery) is also thought to be at least partly responsible for encouraging people to migrate out of the countryside and into built up towns and cities.

The Times reports that Dr Burgess will make his recommendations in a report to the Prime Minister during early February next year.

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