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PlusNet Signs LoNAP's 10Gbps
By: MarkJ - 17 March, 2005 (12:56 PM)

The not for profit Internet Exchange Point, LoNAP, has announced immediate availability of 10Gigabit per second (10Gbps) connections to its members. UK ISP PlusNet has already become one of their first customers:

Internet exchanges allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to exchange data directly with each other, reducing the number of networks that data must pass through to reach its destination, and therefore increasing the speed and reliability of service provided to clients with lower costs of operation.

Sebastien Lahtinen, Commercial Director of LoNAP said: "This new service will ensure our members can meet the high bandwidth demands of the growing broadband user base. We pioneered the flat rate pricing structure for peering ports and are the UK's most cost effective exchange for 1Gbps and 10Gbps connections."

Marco Potesta, Marketing Director of PlusNet, added: "We're delighted to be the first to connect with LoNAP's 10 Gbps service and provide the fastest Internet delivery available with superior Quality of Service. Our broadband customers are increasingly using their connections for data-rich media such as music files and media streaming. The 10 Gbps service should keep us well ahead of the game and LoNAP's cost effective connectivity means we can deliver a low cost, high speed product to our

James Rice, Technical Director of LoNAP, said: "Our infrastructure easily scales to meet the needs of our members now and for the future. We can provide FastEthernet, GigabitEthernet, and TenGigabitEthernet ports without having to make any port or usage-based charges. The Cisco Catalyst 6500 platform with Sup720 engine has been chosen for reliability, performance, and port density and offers switch vendor diversity from other exchanges in the London area, minimising the likelihood of a vendor specific problem for multiple IXPs."

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