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Tiscali's 19.99 2Mbps Broadband
By: MarkJ - 31 March, 2005 (12:52 PM)

Tiscali has begun offering a 2Mbps broadband ADSL service for just 19.99 per month, which comes complete with a free modem and 15GigaByte monthly download limit. They've also made some additional price/service changes:

Customers also have the option of signing up for its combined 2Mbps SmartTalk broadband and telephone package with 20GB usage allowance and free weekend phone calls for the same 19.99 monthly fee.

Other changes to Tiscali's broadband range include the 512Kbps package dropping from 19.99 to 15.99 a month with a new 30GB monthly usage limit. Tiscali has also temporarily dropped its uncapped 1Mbps 24.99 a month service but the 15.99 a month 1Mbps 2GB capped service remains. According to Tiscali, the latter service has "been much more popular".

Sadly, judging by all the horror stories our readers keep reporting, they may not the best choice of ISP. More @ Web-User.

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