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BlueLeaf Offers Free Activation/Modem
By: MarkJ - 16 March, 2005 (2:17 PM)

BlueLeaf Internet has begun offering free activation and migration on all ‘Home’ broadband services until the end of March:

We are pleased to announce that following the successful launch of our Home750 service we are now offering free line activation and migrations on all ‘Home’ services, including Home150, Home200 and Home250. This is in addition to our permanent offer of a free modem and microfilters.

With the activation charge removed customers can get online for a mere £13.99 initial payment, in most cases this will give a connection three times faster than a modem (based on Home150, £13.99/month) and will allow them an ‘always on’ connection with no usage caps.

Existing customers have not been forgotten, any customer who has placed an order in March has received a credit on their account for the value of their connection charge.

ADSL services from BlueLeaf Internet use RADSL technology, making high speed Internet access available up to 5.5km away from an ADSL enabled BT telephone exchange - a feature that enables many more internet users to start benefiting from fast, always-on connections.

Commenting on the launch of the new service, Christopher Grant, Sales Director (BlueLeaf Internet Limited) explained, “Since the launch of our Home750 service we have seen demand grow considerably, we firmly believe in providing services that our customers want and services that will benefit their lives. Through our March [free connection] promotion we hope to open up our services to a wider audience”.


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