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Namesco Launches 8Mbps Broadband
By: MarkJ - 02 December, 2005 (9:14 AM)

Namesco has announced the launch of its new 8Mbps ADSL BroadbandMax product, which comes with a free modem, free setup, free web hosting account and free domain name (for all packages over the 512Kbps speed starting point):

Namesco’s advertising campaign for BroadbandMax is set to commence this Sunday with ground sponsorship at BBC Match of the day’s prime time FA cup tie between Worcester City and Huddersfield and will be followed up with extensive print and online coverage.

Namesco’s Product Development and Marketing Manager, James Griffin, commented “Consumers are becoming increasingly aware that promises of 8Mb connections can be misleading as, in many cases, their line simply wont support the 8Mb speed. The message we are taking to market is completely transparent – We will offer you the fastest connection your BT line can handle, up to 8Mbps and will offer you a free upgrade as soon as things get faster - no hollow promises or misleading advertising.

The Namesco proposition has always been customer driven; we are not interested in luring customers with false claims only for them to be disappointed, we want to attract customers to our core values of honesty, integrity, and service excellence.

Home and Office versions of BroadbandMax are available from Namesco (http://www.names.co.uk) as of 30th November 2005, with a choice of monthly transfer limits, payment and contract options; Migration from other ISPs is currently being offered free of charge.

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