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Ofcom's Compulsary Migration Code!
By: MarkJ - 01 December, 2005 (9:44 AM)

One of the options being considered in Ofcom's consultation to improve broadband migration systems is a COMPULSARY policy. The news is likely to be greeted with approval from consumers, many of whom have suffered as a result of ISP's holding onto MAC codes too aggressively:

In order to switch providers under current rules, consumers must request a Migration Code (Mac code) to give to the new supplier. However, there is nothing in law to force the provider to hand the customer the Mac code on request and many force customers to wait 30 days or until the have disconnected the service.

There is a voluntary code of practice between some of the larger providers but Ofcom said that it is not working. The organisation believes this deters consumers from looking for the best broadband deal because of the 'hassle factor' of switching.

A spokesman said: 'We have seen a large increase in the number of complaints we receive on this issue. Many people are still in their first broadband contract and will be looking to switch when their current deal runs out so its important that there are guidelines in place to facilitate this. We expect the broadband market to become like the home phone or mobile phone market with plenty of competition and choice.'

This is wonderful news, although at the same time its taken Ofcom far too long to wise up to problems being faced at the consumer end.

The initial proposals are due to be made before the end of December 2005 and we will be unable to judge the substance of this latest news fully until then. Either way, should a strong method be approved then it will still take a degree of time before implementation. More @ This is Money.

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