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Freedom2Surf Joins 8Mbps ADSL Trial
By: MarkJ - 09 December, 2005 (9:32 AM)

ISP Freedom2Surf has been selected to take part in BTs IPstream Max Trial, which will see service speeds boosted to nearly 8Mbps over 'some' ADSL lines:

The trial, which is by invitation only, will be offered to existing freedom2surf customers living near to the eligible exchanges and will take effect immediately. Initially, 25 exchanges across Cornwall, Greater London, Northern Ireland, South Glamorgan and Strathclyde, will be activated although it is hoped that this will rise to 53 exchanges over the course of the trial.

The announcement marks a continuing commitment by freedom2surf to offer high speed, cost effective broadband to its customers. A growing number of customers currently take advantage of freedom2surf 8Mbit broadband through freedom2surfs partnership with Easynet. However, it is hoped that the BT trial will extend the benefits of super-fast broadband further, enabling a greater number of customers access to dramatically improved broadband services such as faster downloads of music and video files as well as services such as video-on-demand.

Richard Manly, sales and marketing director for freedom2surf commented: As one of the UKs fastest growing consumer and business ISPs, the expansion of our services will enable us to deliver innovative, cost effective broadband to a much broader reach of customers. This is particularly important to freedom2surf as we are committed to providing customers with the best possible broadband service, irrespective of where they live. As more exchanges become enabled nationwide, we anticipate wider roll out for our customers.


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