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BT's Business Broadband Voice
By: MarkJ - 09 August, 2006 (8:46 AM)

BT Retail has introduced several new business broadband voice tariffs, allowing firms in the UK to make international calls for a maximum of just 20p for up to an hour to most major destinations:

The new tariffs, which cap the price of hour-long calls to major global destinations in Europe, North America and Asia at either 10p or 20p, undercut the majority of other paid-for broadband telephone services for small businesses.

For example, an hour-long call to the USA would cost just 10p on BT Business’ internet calling service, whereas for the same amount of money a customer would only get five minutes with Vonage or nine minutes with SkypeOut.2

Along with the cost certainty of international calls,3 customers with Broadband Voice also get unlimited local and national calls, and landline calls to UK mobiles4 capped at 25p for up to an hour. For example, an hour-long call to a UK mobile would cost just 25p on BT Broadband Voice, whereas the equivalent call on Skype would cost £8.28.5

The BT package, which is priced at £14.99 for the first three months and then £19.99 thereafter,6 also includes the benefits of a second line and advanced call features, such as call forwarding.

International price per minute charges have also been slashed, with calls to the USA now priced at 1.6p a minute, down from 3p.


1 The cap is for international landline VoIP calls for up to an hour. After an hour the call reverts back to the pence per minute. The customer can choose to end the call after an hour and re-dial to benefit from the capped price.

2 Comparison based on prices at August 1, 2006 of 2ppm on Vonage (http://www.vonage.co.uk/intrates.php) and 1.16ppm, converted from €0.017, (http://www.skype.com/intl/en-gb/products).

3 Applies to numbers 01 or 02 excluding Channel Islands and Republic of Ireland. After 60 minutes, call rate is 3.5p per minute (ex. VAT). Redial after one hour to avoid call charges.

4 Pence per minute rates apply after 60 minutes. Applies to calls to number ranges owned by the four main operators only. Certain mobile numbers (eg original 3G number) excluded.

5 BT Business Broadband Voice calls to UK mobiles cost 10p per minute and are capped at 25p for up to an hour. Skype calls to UK mobiles cost 13.8p per minute, with no cap, so a Skype call to a UK mobile for an hour will cost customers £8.28.

6 Offer runs until December 11, 2006.

For further information about BT Business Broadband Voice, visit: http://www.btbroadbandoffice.com/internetapplications/bbv4b/bb_voice_home

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