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BT Rebukes Which? Satisfaction Survey
By: MarkJ - 08 August, 2006 (9:28 AM)

BT Retail has reacted to a Which? survey that found a low service satisfaction (34%) among the ISP's home broadband users. BT has pointed to its own survey of 1,500 customers, where 52% were either very or extremely happy:

BT also noted that 70 percent of the surveyed customers (including those who said they were merely satisfied) were willing to recommend BT Total Broadband to others.

"If you combine this with the recent Epitiro study it is kind of at odds with the Which results," BT's spokesperson told ZDNet UK on Monday.

BT also suggested that the Which results were "maybe something to do with the fact that they're surveying Which members ó maybe that represents a different demographic".

Referencing Epitiro's study, which did NOT cover customer satisfaction and was criticised for only including larger ISP's (e.g. Zen Internet was not included), probably doesn't help BT's case. Never mind the obvious impartiality of BT's own study.

Typically the truth probably rests somewhere in the middle, since while BT may not be perfect, itís by no means the worst ISP out there.

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