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Brits Surf 23.5 Hours Per Week
By: MarkJ - 08 August, 2006 (9:12 AM)

USwitch.com has surveyed 15,323 people in the UK to find out how they use their broadband connections. The average user is claimed to spend roughly 23.5 hours online per week, with 87% using the Internet for shopping and 78% for banking:

However, recent research from regulator Ofcom indicated that broadband users spent just 12 hours online a week. It said just 12% of users spend more than 25 hours a week online.

The Ofcom research was based on interviews held with adults across the UK while USwitch.com's findings come from an online poll by YouGov, which may favour regular broadband users.

According to the USwitch.com, 40% of people listen to online radio, while 39% of people use broadband to download music. One in eight people use their broadband connection to make net telephone calls, a sector of the market many analysts feel is set to grow.

Clearly the results differ depending on which survey you trust more, although both indicate that online usage has increased. More @ BBC News Online.

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