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Scotland To Fill Broadband Gaps
By: MarkJ - 15 August, 2006 (8:32 AM)

ADSLGuide has spotted an interesting article in "this is north Scotland". It reports that the Scottish Executive has begun exploring ways to provide broadband access to the remotest areas:

Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross member John Thurso, who has long campaigned for broadband to be available to everyone in his constituency, wrote to Deputy First Minister and Minister for Enterprise and Lifelong Learning, Nicol Stephen, pointing out that there were still isolated pockets, particularly on the west coast of the north Highlands, with no access to terrestrial broadband.

And he asked whether the executive had any plans for further initiatives to reach these areas. In his reply Mr Stephen assured the MP that despite the executive's commitment to bring broadband to every isolated consumer, he was aware that there were still a number of households "out of reach".

He wrote: "Over the past year, we have been collecting data about potential problem areas and have recently appointed independent consultants to assist us in our policy approach to the reach problem. They are conducting a study to assess the scale of the reach issue, to explore solutions from a technical perspective and to provide recommendations."

It's expected that some form of solution will be presented within the 2006/2007 timeframe and we wouldn't be surprised if wireless and satellite technologies were involved.

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