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T-Mobile Cut's Data-Roaming Charges
By: MarkJ - 13 February, 2007 (1:28 PM)

UK business customers of T-Mobile's international roaming data access service will be pleased to note that the operator has reduced its prices from 7.50 per megabyte to 3:

Voice-roaming charges have started to tumble after the European Commission tabled proposals last July to force operators to reduce their prices. The Commission initially concentrated on tackling voice charges in preference to data. T-Mobile's announcement may be an indication that the Commission's strategy is about to change.

The Commission told ZDNet UK on 2 February that the European Parliament was applying "strong pressure" on the Commission to resolve the issue. A spokesperson said that only voluntary cuts by the mobile operators would negate the need for the introduction of a new legislative approach that also covered data charges.

ZDNet reports that the reductions apply when using mobile phone based data/Internet access in the US, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. Naturally local UK usage is cheaper.

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