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Reformed ISP Fast4.net Pass 1,000 Customers
By: MarkJ - 16 February, 2007 (1:36 PM)

UK ISP Fast4.net, which recently re-launched following their split from V21 after Biscit's acquisition, has managed to rack up 1,000 customers:

Steve Kaye, CEO of Fast4.net said ďFast4 was a Virtual ISP being managed by V21.co.uk previously for 4 years. It amounted to quite a large customer base of in excess of 7000 customers.

When I sold V21 to Biscit back in October 2006, the then owners and operators of Fast4 decided to break away and go it alone. They asked me to join them in making Fast4 an overnight success with customer service being the forefront of tasks.

Today we have passed the 1000th customer and are gaining customers very fast indeed, we have topped some of the polls and review sections on numerous sites which prove we are achieving the support level we want to give.

Itís not a vast number, but in the realm of small budget ISPís gaining 1,000 in such a short space of time is nothing to sniff about. Hopefully the cheap Ďall you can eatí style philosophy holds up into the future without too many support, service or speed problems creeping in.

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