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Thinkbroadband’s Average Broadband ISP Speeds
By: MarkJ - 21 February, 2007 (1:39 PM)

Thinkbroadband has collected all of its broadband speed test results together and sorted the data in order to give a rough idea of how fast we all connect:

Averaging out the speeds for the 365,000 samples recorded between 6pm and 10pm we arrive at an average download speed of 2079 Kbps (2.03 Mbps).

They then outline the results per each ISP, albeit keen to stress that the information not be considered as a "LEAGUE TABLE".

The information is fascinating, with ADSL2+ ISP 'Be' (Be Unlimited) naturally topping the pack on 7,576Kbps. Typically the reason 'Be' comes top is also a good example of why the data should not be taken as a performance comparison:

Be Unlimited with the highest average by some margin is helped by two large factors; It has only ever sold an ADSL2+ ('up to 24 Mbps' line speed) service and does not install its service on very long lines. The highest individual speeds are around 21 Mbps. The speed profile for Be customers shows the maximum speed we have recorded, with a gradual drop off reflecting customers with longer lines.

Credits to TB for such an interesting piece of research.

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