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ISPr Article - ISP's Talk Migration, ADSL2+ & MAX
By: MarkJ - 07 February, 2007 (9:36 AM)

We've got treat for all of you this morning, an interview with three UK ISP's (Entanet, Vispa and Firenet) about several of 2007's biggest issues. The article aims to offer a "providers perspective" as opposed to our usual consumer-side pieces.

Ofcom's new broadband migration rules (due in a few days), forthcoming ADSL2+ technology, unbundling (LLU) and the impact of last years ADSLMax (up to 8Mbps) are all discussed:

Sample quote:
4) BT has confirmed plans to further reduce its own wholesale ADSL charges once unbundled (LLU) UK lines pass the 1.5m mark during May 2007, what are your thoughts on this?

Vispa: Good news, LLU providers have had their fair share at the market, now BT are attempting to pull the business. Although the new pricing will ease the pressure of ISP's it will certainly not increase their profits tenfold. Will we see further retail price reductions? I don't think so. ISP's will most likely use the extra cash to invest in more centrals, better networks & wBBC!

The piece should make for quite a good read and we hope you all enjoy it.


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