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Freedom2Surf Launches Broadband 4 Gamers
By: MarkJ - 20 August, 2007 (1:34 PM)

The Pipex (Tiscali) owned UK ISP Freedom2Surf has launched a new broadband package that's been specifically designed for online multiplayer gamers, affording subscribers the best pings (low latency) free from any traffic management restrictions:

We call it BB4G - it's a short name for a quick connection delivering the fastest possible speeds to game servers. We've designed BB4G to minimise ping times with the least number of network hops to connect your PC to the game servers. Gaming traffic to our servers runs at full throttle too with no traffic management and we'll adjust your ADSL line characteristics to switch off interleaving.

Typically, we see ping times up to 50% lower than standard connections and only two hops between your router and the game server. In fact, the termination point of BB4G ADSL is so close to our racks of gaming servers that you could touch them both!


The 'Broadband 4 Gamers' (BB4G) service offers customers an "up to" 8Mbps broadband ADSL connection, 50GB usage allowance (can be boosted to 100GB for just 6 extra!), 500 free minutes of home phone calls with their Freedom2Talk voice service and all the usual features (e-mail, web space etc.). The 49.99 activation fee has been waived, although anybody leaving within the first 6 months will have to pay it back.

Overall it's a very attractive package for gamers, though the impending Tiscali acquisition and its lingering uncertainty may cloud adoption among interested consumers. On the other hand it could signal that F2S does not intent for the change in ownership to hamper their existing products. The ISP also showed a respectable improvement in TBs latest customer service ratings report.

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