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Fast4 ISP Issues Service Status Update
By: MarkJ - 28 August, 2007 (1:23 PM)

UK ISP Fast4 has today issued a new service status update letter to its customers, which covers some of the recent speed and connectivity problems to afflict the provider.

Typically Fast4 is supplied by EurISP and as such the update may also have some relevance to people on other ISP's using the same supplier:

As a much valued Fast 4 member I would like to take this opportunity to address the recent issues and problems we have had with our service and assure you that these have now passed and recurrence is not an option to us.

As some of you are very aware we have had numerous issues with slow speeds and intermittent disconnections on our broadband network. These were mainly caused by one of our core routers. Although part of this router was working correctly there was an internal issue that was causing the slow throughput and random drops on the network.

On Saturday night we worked through the small hours with a team of engineers to replace and test the new router. The testing was all positive and so far the new router has shown no signs of the past faults. Over the next week we are working closely with EurISP (our backbone supplier) on speeding up certain slow points in our network. Once past this point, we have no doubt that we will have one of the fastest products at the best price available.

I know we have failed on a number of points recently and have put several new monitoring solutions into place to ensure that if we do have another issue then we are alerted within seconds. As a failsafe we have now enabled all broadband customers the ability to use our free phone dial up as a back up service so you are still able to surf at no extra cost should we indeed experience any additional problems in the future, hopefully you will never need it.

Thank you for being extremely patient and I look forward to being able to restore all of your confidence with my product and my team.

Customers are no doubt hoping that the service will now improve and deliver some stability for a change, while a number of others have already made the decision to leave. The problems are known to have hit EurISPís other vISPís too.

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