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Entanet Issues Statement - Ace Internet ISP Dispute
By: MarkJ - 31 August, 2007 (8:39 AM)

UK ISP Ace Internet made the headlines yet again yesterday after issuing a long public message to explain their dispute with supplier Entanet (here).

Entanet has now issued us with a statement in response to Ace's claims, albeit avoiding many of the ISP's more aggressive allegations against them:

Statement regarding Entanet International Ltd / Ace Internet

There have been a number of inaccurate comments made on this forum (and others) relating to the commercial relationship between Entanet International Ltd (Entanet) and Ace Internet. It is our professional opinion that it is inappropriate for Entanet to comment on specific detail about this relationship on any open forum and we will not be drawn into such a discussion.

However, we would like to state our position with respect to the provision of MAC codes according to General Condition 22 in an effort to reassure End Users. Entanet has an outstanding reputation for ensuring that End Users are able to migrate if they so wish by providing a MAC code and we have every intention to maintain this reputation. We have therefore acted in accordance with General Condition 22 and are providing MAC codes within 5 working days of the original request. The earliest we are required to provide MAC codes to Ace Internet under GC22 therefore is Monday 3 September 2007.

Ace Internet has stated that it is unable to offer End User customers technical support relating to Entanet ADSL services. Any End User requiring Entanet technical support can do so by calling 0870 224 3494 or emailing support@enta.net. End Users can also request a MAC code by contacting Entanet Customer Services on 0870 777 4224 or by emailing cs@enta.net.

We recently wrote to all Ace Internet End User customers advising them that Entanet will be billing them directly in the future and asking them to contact us to set up a payment method. We would like to reiterate that they remain End User customers of Ace Internet.

Ace Internet End User customers should have confidence that they will receive Entanet's full co-operation regardless of whether they choose to receive their Internet service from Entanet or an alternative service provider.

We trust this dispels any confusion among End User customers and states our position clearly.

Entanetís position isnít surprising but will do little to dispel confusion over recent events. Mercifully customers have not been hugely impacted by Aceís dispute, though the ISPís own separate future may now be in doubt unless a solution can be found.

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