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Ace Internet Issues Lengthy Entanet Statement
By: MarkJ - 30 August, 2007 (8:23 AM)

ISP Ace Internet has issued a lengthy statement regarding their dispute with supplier Entanet, which has already made the news on two occasions this week (here and most recently here). The full update can be read at the link below:


In it Ace details the events, from their perspective, that have lead to the providers current problems, placing much of the blame firmly at Entanet's feet. The short of it appears to be that Ace missed a payment, provoking a rather swift reaction from Entanet that escalated:

A discussion with James, where I stated that neither ourselves or Enta are likely to come out of this situation well, he suggested that we state to our customers that we had made a "mistake" about the letters and it was no more than a simple breakdown in communication. I am however unwilling to lie to our customers about the matter just to cover Enta's reputation.

As things stand at the moment, we feel that talks have irretrievably broken down between Enta and ourselves, and have we have logged formal complaints with OFCOM and Trading standards about the situation, and in addition I have also today instructed my solicitor to look into the matter.

If all customers have recieved the same letter, it would seem that Enta are requesting direct billing information by 15th September. I would ask that you hold off supplying Enta with the billing information for a few days, whilst we attempt to resolve this dispute.

Unfortunately, as Enta are refusing to issue MAC codes to us, we are unable to provide them at present. I have made OFCOM aware if this, and they are currently investigating this breach of General Condition 22 by Entanet International.

I'm sorry to have to "blow the whistle" like this, escpecially at Enta appeared to be a good, reputable choice of supplier for our users. But I am unwilling to take part in any "coverup" in this issue, especially as a lot of Enta resellers could find temselves in a similar situation with little or no warning. Sadly, Enta chose to make what would have been a very small, easily resolvable issue into a big problem.

Typically there are two sides to every story and no doubt Entanet will have its own interpretation of events. More soon..

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