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Nildram Cuts Prices & Adds Usage Cap
By: MarkJ - 03 March, 2005 (2:02 PM)

Nildram has today announced a major shake-up of their ISP offerings by introducing broadband bandwidth caps, while simultaneously reducing prices and launching several new packages:

Nildram has announced major changes to its product range to position the company as the UK’s leading supplier of premium broadband services. As part of the re-launch, Nildram is cutting prices of its consumer and business broadband products from 3 March 2005, in advance of rolling its out a 2Mbps circuit to customers from July this year. The new Broadband2 service offers a 2Mbps connection at just £25.99, the 2gO service has been reduced in price to just £15.99 with additional usage charged at 99p per GB, and the top performing Professional service, Pro2000, has been reduced in price to £56.56 (+ VAT).

The new simplified product set means that consumer customers will be offered two streams of service: the Broadband2 and Broadband 2gO products, while business customers will have a range of products based on Nildram’s Pro2000 service. Existing customers will benefit from price reductions in line with the new services and, starting from July, will be able to upgrade to a 2Mbps circuit for free.

The price cuts are made on the same day that Nildram has announced1 plans to address the controversial bandwidth usage issue with a fair usage policy to provide customers with clarity for usage and ‘head-room’ for downloading. From March 2005, new Broadband2 customers will be subject to a peak times only monthly usage limit of 50GB, with the opportunity to carry-over unused usage on a monthly basis from July. Existing consumer customers who are not on Nildram PAYG services will also be subject to the fair use policy, which will also be introduced in July.

"With a raft of products and bandwidths throughout the industry, we’re cutting through the complexities of selecting a broadband package with a simplified and enhanced product set," says Sean Stephenson, managing director of Nildram. "This is good news for our existing customers, who’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to a faster service; new customers, who’ll find the new price point very attractive; and our reseller community, who’ll be able to sell on the same products as we do directly."

From April, Nildram’s existing DSL1000 and DSL2000 customers will have their price reduced to £25.99 – representing savings of 25 per cent and 42 per cent respectively. PAYG customers will have their charges reduced to £15.99 per month with usage charged at just 99p per GB. In July, Nildram will begin to upgrade its DSL and PAYG customers to 2Mbps for free as part of a rolling upgrade programme; those wishing to fast-track the upgrade can pay a one-off £12.93 fee. Surf500 customers will also be able to upgrade to Broadband2 for a one-off fee of £12.93.

From July, existing Nildram 512k and 1024k Professional customers will also be upgraded to the 2Mbps service for free as part of the upgrade programme – with bandwidth capped out of office hours - and will still pay their current prices for the remainder of the contract.

The onslaught of new information is likely to confuse a few customers. It's worth pointing out that Nildram's 50GB cap allows unused allocation to be carried over to the next month.

It's unclear whether Nildram will still offer any kind of uncapped product.

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