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Brits Love Online Shopping
By: MarkJ - 17 January, 2005 (12:59 PM)

Roughly 30% of the British public have purchased over 16 items online during 2004, which can be compared with just 19% across Europe:

The study, undertaken by leading global research agency, Millward Brown, was designed to investigate the role the internet plays in consumers’ average media consumption behaviour. With over a quarter of UK consumers having spent more than £1000 online in the past 12 months compared to a European average of 15%, it highlights how the UK is leading Europe in its online shopping habits. The only European country that comes close to the UK’s online spend is Sweden with 24% of respondents spending more than £1000 in the past 12 months.

The research also found it isn’t the traditional female shopaholics spending big money online. Thirty-six percent of male shoppers aged 15-34 have purchased over 16 items last year compared with just 28% of females the same age.

Other key findings:

• 96% of consumers were satisfied with their online shopping experience

• 49% of those buying online feel more confident about doing so than in 2003

• Three-quarters stated the convenience of the internet was its biggest benefit whilst 65% put it down to speed

• Over half also cited the breadth of choice available online as a key influencer

• 85% of those researching into music online proceed to purchase

• 4 out of 5 of those researching into travel online proceed to purchase

• 84% of those researching cinema/theatre tickets go on to buy as do 79% of those checking out books and 74% of those searching for food

• The internet also drives offline sales with over a third of people admitting that they research travel tickets and holidays online, then buy through traditional means

• A third of consumers look at books and electrical goods on the web but subsequently purchase elsewhere

• 78% of UK consumers pay for online purchases by credit card

The EIAA research saw over 7000 people interviewed in the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Nordics, Belgium and the Netherlands to gain an insight into media consumption patterns. One thousand people were interviewed in the UK.

The results show how consumers in the UK have adopted the Internet and its time-saving capabilities to their lives more than other Europeans. With the increasing penetration of broadband across the UK this isn’t a surprise but as it becomes more widespread across Europe this gap will close and the uptake of online shopping will increase.” said Michael Kleindl, Chairman of the EIAA.

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