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AOL UK Boosts Online Financial Help
By: MarkJ - 12 January, 2005 (1:08 PM)

AOL UK has signed a new advertising agreement with Alliance & Leicester worth nearly 1m, which among other things, is aimed at boosting the ISP's online finance sections:

The new agreement will see the Alliance & Leicester brand featured across the entire AOL service until January 2006, with particular focus on the Money Channel and Motoring Channel of AOL. There will also be contextual text links on key finance pages within the Finance, Motoring and Homes & Property areas of the AOL service.

In addition to links, during the year when Alliance & Leicester has specific offers on their products to promote there will be tactical takeovers of whole pages on the AOL service including the main AOL Welcome Screen, the Exit Page as seen by members when they go to sign-off and on the home page of the AOL Money Channel.

Recent research compiled by AOL and The Henley Centre titled Brand New World: How the internet is changing consumer attitudes to brands showed that finance, motoring and property were amongst the top ranked items which people go online to research or look for product information before making a purchase. For this reason the presence of Alliance & Leicester in key places on the AOL service and direct access to the Alliance & Leicester Loans Calculator will ensure members can make informed decisions about a purchase.

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