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DSL Forums Guide - Home Networking
By: MarkJ - 07 January, 2005 (10:03 AM)

The DSL Forum has launched its 'ABCs of Home Networking' white paper at the CES trade show in Las Vegas. The information is designed to provide education and guidance for consumers about xDSL technology coupled to a home network:

Developed to work with any home network system, DSL is the prime solution for families ready to network and go online. DSL Forum's ABCs of Home Networking white paper, an essential resource for today's broadband consumers, is available for download from:


It provides a simple, clear overview of the options and components of today's home network. Developed to help service providers communicate the benefits of installing a home network, this paper will be the first to demystify the exciting digital home.

"DSL was originally viewed as a short term solution to high speed data transport," said Laurie Gonzalez, Marketing Director of the DSL Forum, "but today it is clear that DSL has a very strong future. With the new
IP-centric architecture partnered with all the great products being designed for interactive broadband, tomorrow's digital home can depend on DSL to provide all the speed, dependability and quality that users deserve.

Having visited that link it would appear as if the DSL Forum has yet to include the white paper, since the most recent document is unrelated and from September 2004.

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